Newcastle recruited for 67.8 billion won, ignoring road driving ban → prison crisis

Local media reported that English Premier League (EPL) Newcastle United striker Anthony Gordon (22, England) could be detained.

Local media such as The Sun and Sports Bible said, “Anthony Gordon, who signed a 45 million pound (67.8 billion won) contract with Newcastle United, was banned from driving on the road (after the contract) and was caught driving again in just two days and could go to jail.” It was reported on the 5th 먹튀검증. According to media reports, Gordon received a six-month driving license last Monday for failing to disclose details about the driver of his vehicle twice.

Gordon, who drove two days after receiving the measure, was caught driving secretly. He was caught driving a famous German brand car worth about 100,000 pounds (150 million won) and parking it at a hotel. In the seat next to him was his girlfriend, Annie Keating. Gordon was at the wheel. If he breaks a road curfew in the UK he could face up to six months in prison.

According to The Sun, Gordon had a precedent for violating traffic laws last year. He was punished last year for parking violations and speeding violations. Local police said, “As is standard practice, they may or may not participate in police investigations and will not confirm or deny the identity of anyone who has not been charged with a criminal offense.”

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