Japanese monster pitcher who took 157 km from February, ML will work… Hideo Nomo “You know even if you don’t tell me”

 Legendary Japanese pitcher Nomo Hideo (55), who won 123 major league victories, was confident in the performance of Chiba Lotte Marines Sasaki Rocky (22).

Japanese media Nikkan Sports said on the 4th, “Sasaki, who is playing for the World Baseball Classic (WBC) Japan team, entered the second bullpen pitching at the Okinawa camp. My mother, who won 201 victories in Japan and the United States, also watched Sasaki’s pitching with intense eyes.”

Sasaki played an active role last season, recording 20 games (129⅓ innings), 9 wins, 4 losses, and an average ERA of 2.02. He overwhelmed batters with a fastball that exceeded 160 km/h and a sharp forkball. He also became the youngest person to achieve a perfect game in Japanese professional baseball. 안전놀이터

Sasaki, who will participate in the WBC national team to be held in March, is quickly picking up the pace. Nikkan Sports said, “As soon as Sasaki started pitching in the bullpen, he threw 10 consecutive fastballs. His highest speed was 157 km. My old mother, who was recognized in the world for her fork and fastball, looked at Sasaki’s pitching.”

After watching Sasaki’s 28 fastballs, 22 sliders, and 13 forkballs, his old mother said, “I think it’s pretty complete for early February. The original redemption is fast. There is also the WBC, so I think I am conscious,” he praised Sasaki’s pitching. Then, when asked if Sasaki would work in the major leagues, he said, “It’s okay not to have to say that. Everyone knows,” Sasaki replied, saying that he could play an active part in the major leagues.

Sasaki started throwing a new ‘vertical slider’ in the process of adapting to the WBC official ball (major league official ball), which is somewhat slippery compared to the KBO League or Nippon Professional Baseball official ball. Catcher Matsukawa Ko, who received the ball, said, “There is also a change in the slider falling as a bell. He really thought he could use it in real life.” Sasaki also expressed satisfaction, saying, “If there is one more type of pitch, the hitter will have more things to think about.”

Nikkan Sports said, “Nomo spared no advice, saying ‘I did this’ after Sasaki’s bullpen pitching. Sasaki also listened.”

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