Manchester United ’embracing the problem player as it is’ → contract maintenance confirmed but game participation prohibited

Mason Greenwood, who was acquitted by the prosecutor’s indictment in a sex crimes trial against his girlfriend who was indicted in January of last year, does not seem to have to leave Manchester United.

Greenwood, who was cleared of charges after a year, is known to have recently met with the club and explained the charges he has been receiving. On the 26th, The Sun published an article titled ‘First meeting with Greenwood Man Utd’. According to reports, Greenwood met with the club about 10 days ago, on the day of the Europa League first leg against Barcelona.

“Greenwood and his team met with the club to find out exactly what happened and what didn’t,” said a source. I told you why we met.

The club also wanted to hear Greenwood’s explanation and an explanation of his future. The club has already announced that it will conduct its own investigation into Greenwood, who has been acquitted. So until the club’s decision was made, Greenwood was blocked from entering the training ground.

According to The Sun’s report, it is unknown when the investigation will be completed. As early as local time Sunday, there is a possibility that the club will keep the contract with Greenwood. However, the more good news is that this season’s ban is likely to continue.

In that case, Greenwood would not be able to train or play for United, but would still be able to keep his £70,000 per week salary. 먹튀검증

Eric ten Haag has already spoken to Greenwood. Recently, it was revealed that Greenwood’s partner was pregnant.

An aide to the two said, “The family, including Greenwood and his partner, are very happy and are sincerely looking forward to the birth of the baby.”

Prior to this, the media had stated that Greenwood held a meeting with his teammates in secret to explain his position.

One by one like this, Greenwood’s return to Man Utd is becoming like an established fact, but the problem remains. The opposition from Manchester United’s female players is severe.

Women players are against his return to the extent of expressing their anxiety about Greenwood, who committed crimes such as assaulting his girlfriend. They are asking for ‘exit’.

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