The limit widened by the queen

If you reach the finals in three consecutive world competitions, that is an excellent result. It is only once in the history of the 35-year world competition that it has led to three consecutive victories. In 1999, Lee Chang-ho did it at Samsung Fire & Marine Plantation. In November of last year, Shin Jin-seo reached the finals for the third time in a row at Samsung Fire & Marine Farming. He said it was an honor to reach the final and it must have been a good result, but it did not produce good results. It was difficult to finish runner-up twice, so I was desperate to win the third time. In the final, Shin Jin-seo initially lost to China’s No. 1 Ke Jie. In the second year of 2021, he was pushed by Park Jung-hwan. For the third time, he welcomed Queen Choi Jeong. He said, “I’m honestly afraid of fighting Choi Jeong. I’ll avoid it as much as possible.” 스포츠토토

Choi Jeong-eun rewrote baduk history as a woman. As she progressed to the finals, she pushed her limits. Going through the finals, she felt that she was the best in the world, and she accepted runner-up, determined to push her new limits.

She hit a vital spot with Choi Jeong-eun’s black 65. let’s fight <Picture 1> She intends to wait for White 2 and jump on Black 3 to drive White. The desired number did not come out, so Kim Myung-hoon avoided with 66 and 68. For Choi Jeong of the fight baduk <Figure 2> The move to black 1 is loose and bland. She attached with black 69, then flipped with white 70 and she broke with 71. War broke out.

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