LG notified of “adhering to the reduction plan”, now only Song Eun-beom’s decision remains

Now, only the decision of Song Eun-beom, the only non-contractor, remains.

The LG club is repeating its previous position. In effect, it is an ultimatum.

The only question left was whether Song Eun-beom would follow the LG club’s policy.

Song Eun-beom and LG had their last negotiations last weekend. Song Eun-beom’s side came to have hope that the team plan could change.

The LG working-level staff also said, “I will contact you after final discussions with the upper management.” There seemed to be signs of change.

However, the club’s decision remained the same. I have replied that I cannot back down from my previous position.

Song Eun-beom participated in 25 games this season and recorded 1 win, 1 loss, 2 holds, and an average ERA of 4.05.

It can be said that he successfully returned after undergoing surgery for ruptured knee ligaments in the 2021 season. However, the club took issue with Song Eun-beom’s small number of games.

Since he couldn’t play many games, he figured out that that was the reason for the cut.

Song Eun-beom’s side was in the position that there should be compensation for the vacancy because it was an injury sustained while playing for his team. The two sides didn’t quite agree.

The club sent a message strong enough to issue a press release on the annual salary contract, excluding Song Eun-beom.

The LG club contacted us to renegotiate immediately after the press release came out. It was a part that Song Eun-beom could interpret positively. 메이저사이트

However, the final decision was to stick to the original plan, and only the question of whether Song Eun-beom would accept it remained.

In the end, it is highly likely that a decision will be made within the club. This is because Song Eun-beom has no other cards left.

If Song Eun-beom postpones regular training any longer, he could be shaken even this season. A strategy in which he trains faithfully and is then rewarded with good grades can be effective.

LG still needs Song Eun-beom.

It is very likely that key bullpen pitchers such as Jung Woo-young and Ko Woo-seok will be absent during the season due to participation in the Asian Games. At least one more pitcher must be secured so that the mound can be operated without faltering in the pennant race.

As Song Eun-beom showed a comeback last year, it can be said that there are still uses.

Song Eun-beom is also in a situation where it is difficult to drag any more time to help the club.

Now comes the time of decision.

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