“Compared to other teams… ” Teachings of legends in comfortable facilities, descendents of the wizard corps nurture their dreams 

“Compared to other clubs, the facilities are good.”

KT Wiz started their journey in 2016 by signing an agreement with Iksan City, Jeonbuk Province, for a location related to Futures. Even when I first came, there was no good accommodation, and there was no indoor practice field, so I didn’t have a very good training environment for the players to train.

But not anymore. In June 2021, kt completed the construction of a state-of-the-art accommodation, infield field, weight room, and physical therapy room through support from Iksan City and investment from the club. Players can exercise in a comfortable and comfortable training environment. Since the lodging and training ground are right next to each other, players can play baseball whenever they are dissatisfied even at late hours.

Also, the main ballpark light tower (height and bright lighting that meets the standard) was also replaced. Night games and training are not hindered. An outdoor stadium, an indoor practice field, and a dedicated accommodation are all in one place. Now, a system that does not fall behind other teams has been established.

There is no problem with taking spring camp. The kt first-team players set up a training ground in Arizona, USA, and are sweating, but players who did not make it to the United States remain in Korea.

But there is no reason to be disappointed. In the warm temperature of Iksan, located in the southern region, you can prepare for the season steadily. With the full support of Iksan City and kt, the players are focusing on training without any worries.

Veteran infielder Shin Bong-gi, who said that the second group spring camp is the first time, “The facility is good overall. Not bad compared to other teams. You can train comfortably. You can train with concentration,” he said.

Rookie pitcher Kang Geon said, “There is an indoor practice field, and it is very comfortable. Above all, the biggest advantage is that it is close to the accommodation.” An indoor training ground, lodging, and a restaurant where you can eat are all gathered in one place.

It’s not just the facilities that are good. He is also working hard to strengthen the depth of the fielder by recruiting coaches specialized in hitting. kt produced a 10-win trio last season and was evaluated as having a well-organized bullpen, but it was said that the depth of the beast was somewhat disappointing.

In order to compensate for the weakness, KBO’s first left-handed home run king, Kim Ki-tae, was appointed as Futures’ coach, and kt’s legendary coach Yuhan-Jun was newly appointed as batting coach. Seo Yong-bin, the protagonist of the 1994 Golden Glove, will remain as head coach and help kt hitters.

Coach Ki-tae Kim played 1,544 KBO games, recording a batting average of 0.294, 1465 hits, 249 homers, 923 RBIs and 816 runs. Coach Yuhan-jun retired after recording a batting average of 0.302, 1606 hits, 151 homers, 883 RBIs and 717 runs in 1,650 games. Coach Seo Yong-bin did not continue his performance as much as his younger years, but he appeared in 828 games with a batting average of 0.290, 760 hits, 22 homers, 350 RBIs and 307 runs.

Outfielder Moon Sang-cheol said, “Every time I have a question, I ask coach Kim Ki-tae, who has a good knowledge of batting. He wants to learn a lot whenever he gets a chance.” 바카라사이트

Shin Bong-gi said, “It is definitely helpful that coach Kim Ki-tae and coach Yuhan-jun came in. After his retirement, Coach Yuhan-Jun accompanied the first-team players last year and gave him a lot of advice on batting. He told me a lot about what he felt about my hitting that he had watched as a player.”

Of course, the strength of the pitcher’s depth, not the batter’s part, is also used. Pitching coach Jeon Byeong-doo was away for a while to help with the first-team camp, but Futures bullpen coach Bae Bae-yeol and Hong Seong-yong, training/rehabilitation coach, are working tirelessly to improve pitchers’ skills.

Kang Gun said, “I’m talking a lot with his coaches. He expressed his gratitude, saying, “I am grateful to Coach Yeol and Coach Seongyong Hong, who helped me a lot.”

Director Kim Ki-tae said, “The coaches are doing really well. While talking about the big picture, I try to leave the technical part to the coaches,” he said. I am having fun training. It’s good to see the young players developing. The players who are now are the players who are looking at 2024, not 2023. I will quickly prepare the players to achieve good results for kt.”

The descendants of the wizard corps are growing their dreams in Iksan and are still looking for a way to grow.

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