Koo Bon-jun, who was chosen as the future of Chosun University, “I will try to win first place”

Koo Bon-joon quickly adapted to Chosun University basketball.

Chosun University is a weak team representing the college league. The most difficult reason was the supply and demand of players. But this time it’s a bit different. This is because a large number of freshmen joined the efforts of Chosun University coach Kang Yang-hyun. In particular, Koo Bon-jun, a freshman, is growing into the core of Chosun University.

Bonjun Koo is averaging 8.8 points, 3.8 rebounds and 2 assists for the season. He ranks third on the team in scoring average, fourth on the team in rebounding average, and second on the team in assists average.

Koo Bon-jun, who tasted college basketball for the first time, said, “I haven’t fully adapted to the college league yet. He feels awkward playing games in a home-and-away fashion. The playing field keeps changing. And many spectators come. It is a process of adaptation now,” he began the interview.안전놀이터

He continued, “A lot of new players came to Chosun University. So, now is the process of matching hands and feet. It has improved a lot, but it is still lacking.”

As Koo Bon-jun said, 9 new students from Chosun University joined ahead of this season. An element that will add vitality to the team. Among them, Koo Bon-jun’s performance is the most advanced. Koo Bon-joon, who received many opportunities, said, “To be honest, the skills of the freshmen are all the same. But I think I ‘appealed’ harder. (Laughter) I tried to work harder and talk louder. So it seems that you liked it.”

When asked about his goal, Koo Bon-jun said, “When I entered Chosun University, Chosun University was on a losing streak. So I came in and set the goal of winning 1. I think there will be games to catch if you do your best in each game. I will try to work as hard as possible.”

Although they are on a losing streak, there is a big change in Chosun University. As mentioned earlier, a large number of new students joined. Coach Lee Seung-jun also joined the team. And the movie ‘Rebound’, based on the story of Kang Yang-hyeon, director of Chosun University, was also released.

Bonjun Koo said, “The team atmosphere has definitely changed recently. I was especially motivated by watching the movie Rebound. We thought we could too. We have more people and better skills,” he said. “The hyungs are working really hard. We also try to copy it,” he said about the changed atmosphere.

After the group matches, Chosun University will meet the teams from other groups in the future. Koo Bon-jun said, “From now on, I will play against teams I have not played before. I will find my role while watching the match video, find out the characteristics of the opponent players, and strive for a win.” 

Finally, the interview ended with the words, “It’s a short break. It’s the beginning of the season when I realized my shortcomings. I’ll focus more on physical training and weight training.”

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