Carrot is now in history… ‘Impressive basketball’ that received applause until the end

“It’s the opposing team, but it was very emotional.”

This was a word from Anyang KGC coach Kim Sang-sik (55), the enemy general, for Goyang Carrot. He was praised for showing his fighting spirit by going up to the semifinal playoffs (PO) despite poor conditions. He applauded, saying, “It seems that both the players and coach Kim Seung-gi (51) worked hard until the end.”

Throughout this season, Carrot was literally a series of twists and turns. As the parent company, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, virtually gave up on running the club, wages were delayed. The team had a lot of trouble over whether to participate in the PO due to the problem of not paying the subscription fee. Even after advancing to the PO, they did not receive a proper salary or support.

Nonetheless, coach Kim and the players ignited their fighting spirit on the court. There was only one reason, it was for the fans. In the 6th PO, Ulsan Hyundai Mobis reached the 4th PO after a close battle that went to the 5th game. He received cheers from fans for his tenacity not to give up and play that did not give up.안전놀이터

Because I was exhausted, I couldn’t use a miracle beyond the 4th PO. On the 19th at the Goyang Gymnasium, in the 4th round of PO, KGC lost by 28 points and was eliminated. His stamina was so low that coach Kim Seung-gi lamented, saying, “The players couldn’t move their feet.”

Even though the victory was on the decline early, none of the fans left their seats. It was for the team they supported throughout the season and for the players who showed their fighting spirit until the end. It was also the will to be with the players until the very end, when it might be the last time.

After this game, Goyang Carrot disappeared into the history of professional basketball. Although it was canceled due to the opposition of the KBL board of directors, the naming contract with Carrot has already been terminated. It is known that negotiations on the sale are underway, but the fate of the team remains unclear as there are many knots to unravel.

Still, coach Kim Seung-gi and his players hold out hope. Director Kim said, “I was really happy for a year. The players have grown a lot. “I have no regrets,” he said. “Basketball will continue in the future. I will work hard for the championship and for the fans. First of all, I will tell the players to rest well and prepare well for the next season.”

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