Ko Woo-seok, who broke the multi-year contract, renews the contract for 460 million won, making the highest salary for twins as a non-FA… Moon Bo-gyeong 150% highest rate of increase

The LG Twins have completed annual salary contracts with 44 of the 45 contract renewal targets in 2023, excluding veteran pitcher Song Eun-beom.

Ko Woo-seok stamped his annual salary of 270 million won to 160 million won, a 59.3% increase to 430 million won. Woo-seok Koh recorded 4 wins, 2 losses, 42 saves, and an average ERA of 1.48 last year, becoming the save king. He also set the record for the most saves by an LG pitcher ever again and surpassed the youngest ever 40 saves. 메이저사이트

Ko Woo-suk was offered a multi-year contract of 20 billion won for 8 years as a non-FA from the club during this year’s salary negotiations, but announced his intention to advance to the major leagues and offered the highest amount ever. has caused a stir by rejecting it.

Ko Woo-seok, who graduated from Chungam High School and joined the pros in 2017, can become a free agent and enter the major leagues if he completes the 2014 season.

Pitcher Jung Woo-young, who topped the hold with 35 holds last year, also saw his annual salary rise by 120 million won (42.9%) from 280 million won last year to 400 million won this year. 400 million won is the second largest amount after Go Woo-seok among non-FA players.

In addition, Moon Bo-kyung signed a contract for 170 million won, a 150% increase from 68 million won to 170 million won, recording the highest increase rate in the team and at the same time earning his first 100 million won annual salary as a player. entered

In addition, Kim Yoon-sik, who emerged as a left-handed native ace, signed a contract with 150 million won, Lee Min-ho with 140 million won, and Lee Woo-chan with 120 million won, joining the ranks of the first billionaires.

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