Kiwoom held an event on the 14th, ‘Ministry of Finance Promotion Agency Partner Day’

Kiwoom (CEO Jae-min Wi), a professional baseball team, will hold a ‘Partner Day’ event in the game against NC held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 14th.

At the outdoor walking plaza before the game, a stopwatch game called ‘13.97 seconds’ using 1397, the number of the financial call center for the working class without an area code, is held, and various prizes such as a ball signed by the players are presented. In the hallway inside Gate B, promotional items for the Small Finance Promotion Agency are distributed.

During the game, through the ‘1397 Dance Challenge’ and ‘Corporate Finance Promotion Agency Quiz’ events, a doll and a neck massager will be presented as a gift from the character of the Small Finance Promotion Agency.

As part of our social contribution activities, we also hold invitational events. We invite 136 children and their families in connection with the Purme Foundation and the Yangcheon Love Welfare Foundation.

On this day, Lim Im-hyeok (27) and Kim Jong-ik (24), who were invited by the Purme Foundation, will be in charge of pitching and putting out the pitch.안전놀이터

For the stable financial life of the working class and the underprivileged, the Small Finance Promotion Institute provides financial support such as Sunshine Loan for Workers, Sunshine Loan 15, Sunshine Loan Youth, and Smile Finance, as well as various non-financial services such as financial education, self-employment consulting, and inquiry and payment of dormant deposits. is a public institution that For microfinance consultations and inquiries, you can call the microfinance call center at 1397 without an area code.

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