Kim Young-kyu’s pledge to experience Taegeuk mark “I want to be a player representing NC.”

2023 was a meaningful year for him. He was selected as a member of the national team for the first time and played at the Asian Games and the Asian Baseball Championship. He played as a must-win group in his team, recording 24 holds in the bullpen.월카지노도메인

“It’s a really good memory. As a baseball player, I was greedy. I want to prepare better and become a player representing NC.”

Left-hander Kim Young-kyu (24), who met at NC Dinos Spring Camp at Enex Field in Tucson, Arizona, showed his desire for a new season.

His career has not been smooth so far, as he says, “I’ve had a little bit of a stomachache.” There were a lot of ups and downs. He got a chance to start with his professional debut in 2019, but then went down to the bullpen and was even demoted to the second division.

He pitched in his last game in 2019, recording the first shutout with no outs and a walk and the first shutout in the team’s history, but this did not last until next season. He switched to the bullpen during the 2021 season.

This was another turning point. He showed stable performance with a 3.41 ERA in 72 games in 2022 and 3.06 ERA in 63 games in 2023.

And in 2024, he will take on a new challenge. He is preparing for the starting rotation again.

“Rather than feeling pressured, I want to do really well. I’m just thankful that the manager told me (as a candidate). I want to repay my expectations and become the starting pitcher that you think I am,” he said, expressing expectations for his return to the starting lineup.

As coach Earl Weaver said, “Momentum is the starting pitcher for the next day,” the starting pitcher is an important role in determining the atmosphere of the game that day.

Knowing this well, he also expressed a sense of responsibility, saying, “If I do well, the team will be able to play a season easily.”

Kim Young-kyu wore the national flag for the last Asian Games team. Photo = MK Sports DB
What is the most important thing as a starting pitcher? “You have to catch a batter well. Throwing is the same regardless of whether you are a starter or a middle player,” he said, stressing his consistency, saying, “It is important not to get sick and skip the rotation.”

“Rather than changing anything, I think it’s more important to throw exactly what you did well in the previous year and make it your own. (A starter) needs to throw a lot, so the most important thing is to increase the number of pitches. I think I have all the stamina to throw. I need to raise the number of pitches during the camp to feel comfortable during the season,” he said, stressing the importance of raising the number of pitches.

In order to constantly throw as a starting pitcher, it is important not to get sick. Knowing this well, he said, “I have to do everything I can. I have to do my best to eat, sleep, and take care of myself,” adding that he will make every effort to manage his physical condition.

“Now I have to raise my pitch again and get in better condition than others,” he said, expressing his commitment to the rest of the camp.

Kim Young-kyu dreams of becoming a player who is consistently good every year. Photo = MK Sports DB
He was also on the list of Team Korea to play against the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres in March.

“If there is a national flag in a uniform, I will be a little more serious,” he said. “If you call me, I will only throw hard. I haven’t thought of a player I want to compete in yet. It’s an honor, but I have to build myself well. It’s good if you do well. It’s not an honor if you don’t do well,” he said, expressing his feelings on joining the national team.

When asked if he could face Shohei Ohtani, he said, “I can’t go that far yet.”

2024 will be an opportunity for him to grow to another level.

Finally, when asked what kind of pitcher he wants to be, he bit his lips, saying, “I want to be a player who is consistently good every year, rather than doing well for a year. The most important thing is not to be sick all the time.”

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