“I’m proud to have played for six years… always the last,” said the longest-serving active player of 11.5 billion for six years

LG Twins’ foreign pitcher Casey Kelly will accompany the Twins for the sixth year this year. He is the longest-serving LG foreign pitcher ever. Kelly also set a Korean Series win record as an LG foreign pitcher and is the only foreign pitcher to win the Korean Series.라바카지노

LG is in a spring camp in Scottsdale, Arizona, the U.S., and Kelly, who has a home in Scottsdale, is training by commuting to and from the camp.

“I feel great so far, and the sport is going as planned. I’m very happy with our players, I’m excited, and the sport is going well,” said Kelly, who met at the camp.

It has been six years. When he first signed with LG, did he expect to play so far? “Actually, when I first signed with LG, I didn’t expect to play in the LG Twins uniform for this long. I feel very grateful to be able to play in the LG Twins uniform for a long time,” Kelly said.

“What makes me feel really good is that I won the Korean Series last year. Personally, I felt good, and I felt really good because LG Twins fans had a lot of passion and fandom,” he laughed.

In his sixth year, Kelly is the longest-running player in the KBO league among foreign players in 10 clubs this season. KT Cuevas, like Kelly, has been playing since 2019, but Cuevas was terminated due to an injury in the middle of the 2022 season and returned to KT in the middle of the 2023 season.

Kelly said, “I’m very proud to be the longest-serving foreign player. The KBO League is a league with a lot of foreign players fluctuating and a lot of players changing jobs. When I first came in 2019, I didn’t think I would play this long. Somehow, I think the KBO League is the most suitable and well-suited league for me,” he said.

“I think my baseball career could change because I played in the KBO League. I always thought that the season I play now is my last season, and I tried to enjoy baseball as much as I could here. I think I always enjoyed playing baseball because the experience of playing baseball in a foreign country itself is unfamiliar,” he said, explaining his secret to living a long life.

Kelly has played for six years in Korea and has a cumulative annual salary of 8.7 million dollars. Starting with 1 million dollars in 2019, she received 1.5 million dollars, 1.4 million dollars, 1.5 million dollars and 1.8 million dollars, and renewed her contract with 1.5 million dollars this year.

Kelly has always said his goal is to win every season since he first came to LG in 2019, and he finally became the champion last year.

Kelly said, “It’s natural to try to win the Korean Series once again, and I think it’s possible to win (two consecutive losses) because it’s a team with a winning record.” “Last year was the worst season I’ve spent in the KBO League in a way. I think I can definitely show a better performance this year because I’ve explored what caused this problem and found the results of my exploration,” he said.

Kelly bounced back from the brink of being kicked out in the first half of last year due to a slump, and pitched well in the Korean Series. “It’s simple. I tried to keep it simple. I wanted to do something perfect at the beginning of the season, but the baseball you wanted didn’t come out. That’s how I spent the first half, but in the second half, I didn’t care about anything else, and simply wanted to do something as a starting pitcher to keep that ranking, so I threw it. I can come back to the pitch I want.”

Yeom Kyung-yeop advised Kelly to throw a splitter mid-season. Kelly, who throws various pitches, made a breakthrough by adding splitter, and will likely use it more this year.

Kelly said, “It’s good that I’ve been playing for six years, but it’s also true that batters have gotten used to it that much. Curve is the main weapon to strike out, but I had a hard time because batters couldn’t swing and miss my curve. I expect to increase the number of strikeouts by throwing a splitter. It looks like a fastball, so it will help me solve the game,” he said.

He also got help from Kim Jin-seong, whose main weapon is the fork ball. “I learned how to throw to Kim Jin-seong, under what circumstances, how to throw according to the ball count, where to look in the strike zone, and the grip that is most appropriate,” Kelly said. “I received a lot of information from Kim Jin-seong.”

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