KB Stars ‘saved the hopes of the playoff’

KB Stars continued their hopes for the playoffs by grabbing the BNK Thumb with Kang Iseul (180cm, F)’s performance.

Cheongju KB Stars won 64-62 against Busan BNK Some in the 5th round of Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball held at Cheongju Gymnasium on the 11th. It saved the chances of advancing to the playoffs. The season record of KB Stars, which ended a three-game losing streak, was 9 wins and 16 losses.

Iseul Kang was responsible for half of KB Stars’ goals. She showed an overwhelming performance. She ended the match with a buzzer beater. Heo Ye-eun (165cm, G) also scored valuable points in the second overtime. It was a decisive score.

1Q. Busan BNK Some 17-16 Cheongju KB Stars: Only one wing left

[KB Stars Kang Isul 1st quarter record]
– 9 minutes and 3 seconds, 10 points (2 points: 2/5, 3 points: 2/2) 5 rebounds (attack 3) 1 block shot

* Most points scored in 1 quarter among players from both teams
* Most 3-point shots made in 1 quarter among players from both teams (BNK Some 3-point shots in 1 quarter: 0/4) *
Most rebounds in 1 quarter among players from both teams
* 1st quarter among players from both teams The red light was turned on for KB Stars with the most offensive rebounds

to advance to the playoffs. It was because of the reverse defeat in the game against Incheon Shinhan Bank on the 9th. They need to win all of their remaining 6 games to look forward to advancing to the playoffs.
The situation at KB Stars continued to deteriorate. Following Park Ji-soo (196cm, C), Yeom Yoon-ah (177cm, G) was also out for the season due to injury. Kang Iseul and Kim Min-jeong (180cm, F)’s burden was increased.
To make matters worse, Kim Min-jung collided with Lee Sa-bin (174cm, G) with 4 minutes and 8 seconds left in the first quarter. I had to get out of the court.
KB Stars struggled against Jinan (181cm, C) and Han Eomji (180cm, F) under the goal. They were pushed back by the pressure of BNK Somem, which was in harmony with old and new.
At KB Stars, only Kang Iseul struggled. He was responsible for more than half of the team’s goals. Only one wing of KB Stars is left.

2Q. Cheongju KB Stars 29-28 Busan BNK Some: New stealer behind the goal

[Comparison of score trend between KB Stars and BNK Some 2nd Quarter] (KB Stars in front)
– Start ~ 7 minutes 39 seconds before end: 2-4
– End 7 minutes 39 Seconds ago ~ 3 minutes and 8 seconds before the end : 8-0
– 3 minutes and 8 seconds before the end ~ End : 3-7

KB Stars are having difficulty fighting the center due to Park Ji-soo’s injury. KB Stars’ rebounds per game are only 38.5. record for the lowest in the league.
Kim So-dam (184cm, C) and Park Ji-eun (183cm, C) are considered as big men to fill Park Ji-soo’s vacancy. Kim So-dam is a resource with pick game and shooting skills.
Kim So-dam, who started as a starter, showed his influence in the attack. He actively tried a 2-on-2 attack with Heo Ye-eun. Stable scoring under the goal brought about a reversal for KB Stars.
Kim So-dam was the only one on the team to play full-time until the second quarter. It eased Kang Iseul’s scoring burden. He was the new stealer in the second quarter.

3Q. Cheongju KB Stars 41-41 Busan BNK Some: Isul Kang vs Sohee Lee

[KB Stars Isul Kang 3rd quarter record]
– 10 minutes, 10 points (2 points: 3/7, 3 points: 1/1, free throw: 1/1) 4 rebounds (Attack 2)

* Most points scored in 3rd quarter among players from both teams
* Most rebounds in 3rd quarter among players from both teams (tied with Jinan)
* KB Stars 3rd quarter scored: 12 points

[BNK Some Sohee Lee 3rd quarter record]
– 10 minutes, 8 points (2 points: 1/2, 3 points: 2/3) 1 rebound, 1 steal

* Most successful 3-pointers in the 3rd quarter among players from both teams
* Lee

So-hee’sare competing on top. Before the game on this day, the ride between Samsung Life Insurance and Shinhan Bank in second place and BNK Some in fourth place was only 0.5 games.
However, BNK Somem’s performance has not improved. In the 5th round, Samsung Life Insurance and Shinhan Bank, which compete for ranking, lost both. As a result, it fell from 2nd to 4th place.
In an urgent situation, Kim Han-byeol (178cm, F) missed due to a knee injury. Kim Han-byul’s name is on the list, but Park Jung-eun, coach of BNK Sum, announced Kim Han-byul’s absence for knee care.
BNK Some, who showed somewhat frustrating performance in the first half, burst into firepower at the start of the 3rd quarter. Lee So-hee (170cm, G) scored 5 consecutive points to complete the reversal.
Even so, KB Stars was not taken aback. Kang Iseul reproduced the explosive first quarter performance. He scored all 10 points of KB Stars until 3:49 in the 3rd quarter.
After that, the reversal and reversal were repeated. No team was ahead at the end of the third quarter. The confrontation between Kang Iseul and Lee Sohee was fierce.

4Q. Cheongju KB Stars 51-51 Busan BNK Some: Once again

BNK Some and KB Stars are exchanging victories and losses in the 2022-2023 season. If BNK Somem won first, KB Stars would also counterattack.
It was the same in today’s match. Reversal and reversal were repeated. The weight of victory did not easily tilt in one direction.
However, the team that showed a little stronger concentration until the middle of the 4th quarter was BNK Some. He took one more step on the rebound and suppressed the conceded points with a stable defense.
KB Stars also recalled the reason why they couldn’t lose in the game that day. Because the playoffs are frustrated. Shim Seong-yeong (165cm, G) and Yang Ji-soo (172cm, F) scored a tie again (51-51).
BNK Some’s attack, which started with 26.3 seconds left in the fourth quarter, ignored the rim. BNK Somem is in a situation where they have to succeed in their last defense. 바카라
KB Stars lost their last chance to attack due to a turnover. After that, Jinan’s quick attack attempt was also canceled. The match went into overtime.

Extension 1. Cheongju KB Stars 55-55 BNK Some: Poor scoring The

game went overtime, but the balance of the match was still tight. The sluggish fielding of both teams continued.
Ahn Hye-ji started the last attack of BNK Sum in the first extension. After driving in, he aimed for the rim with his left hand, but the ball bounced off the goal post.
KB Stars also attempted a final attack. However, time was spent without creating any opportunities to do so.
As it was, both teams went to the second overtime. The total score of the two teams in the first overtime was 8 points.

Extension 2. Cheongju KB Stars 64-62 BNK SUM: Iseul Kang did it all

[KB Stars-BNK SUM head-to-head match record] (KB Stars in front)
1. November 14, @Busan Sajik Indoor Gymnasium: 69-84 (lose)
2. November 25, @Cheongju Gym: 62-54 (win)
3. December 5, @Busan Sajik Indoor Gym: 60-69 (loss)
4. January 20, @Cheongju Gym: 62-61 (Win)
5. February 11, @Cheongju Gym: 64-62 (Win)

The team that announced the beginning of the second overtime was KB Stars. Heo Ye-eun and Kang Iseul scored consecutively.
On the other hand, BNK Somem’s sluggish Yatoo was not resolved until the second extension. He missed all five scoring opportunities before Jinan’s goal came out.
Heo Ye-eun’s performance continued. He managed to score in the paint zone with 1 minute and 47 seconds remaining in the second overtime period. 
KB Stars gave Lee So-hee a 3-point shot from a 3-point advantage. Again tied 60-60.
At the point of victory, Kang Dew exerted his strength. Scored a free throw by breaking through. I didn’t have a good sense of free throws in the game that day, but both were successful.
However, Lee So-hee was also not easy. He broke KB Stars’ defense and recorded a layup. 
KB Stars’ last attack started with 5.8 seconds left. Kang Iseul exploded with a dramatic buzzer beater. 
After the second overtime, the winning team was KB Stars. It saved the possibility of advancing to the playoffs.

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