“I’m here to see Ronaldo Port Trick”… A swarm of locusts filled the crowd

Special guests came to the stadium to watch Cristiano Ronaldo’s (Al-Nasr) ‘Fort Trick’.

British media The Sun reported on the 11th (Korean time), “A swarm of locusts filled the stands in a game in which Ronaldo scored 4 goals.”

Al-Nasr striker Ronaldo started as a starter in the 16th round of the Saudi Professional League in the 2022/23 season against Al-Wahda held at the King Abdul Aziz Stadium in Mecca, Saudi Arabia on the 10th.

Ronaldo, who scored two goals in the first half of the day and made a big success, scored two more goals in the second half, including a penalty kick, and achieved a ‘port trick’.

Thanks to Ronaldo’s one-man show, Al-Nassr took three points in a 4-0 win and regained their place at the top of the league.

Ronaldo, who scored his Al-Nasr debut goal by scoring a penalty kick in the league match on the 4th, scored a whopping 4 goals in the match against Al-Wahda, surpassing the 500 goal mark by achieving 503 goals in the first division career after his professional debut. 온라인카지노

On the other hand, special guests came to the stadium, where Ronaldo made a monumental record while making a big success, and attracted the attention of the fans. The special guest was none other than ‘grasshopper’.

As a huge number of locusts flocked to the stadium that day, a rather rare scene was created in which dozens of locusts were attached to spectators’ seats and even spectators’ clothes.

Some football fans who saw photos of the crowd full of locusts joked on social media that the locusts also came to the stadium to watch Ronaldo play.

Fans said, “Ronaldo’s port-trick that even grasshoppers don’t want to miss”, “Even the grasshoppers didn’t want to miss the scene Ronaldo made history”, “Ronaldo, who made grasshoppers a fan, is the true GOAT (The Greatest Of All Time)”. I was kidding.

After mutually terminating his contract with Manchester United in November last year, Ronaldo joined Al-Nasr, a Saudi Arabian first division club, ahead of the 2023 New Year.

Wearing the Al Nasr uniform, Ronaldo has scored 5 goals in 3 league matches so far and is continuing a smooth adaptation period.

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