Jeonbuk through ‘shock therapy’ rebounds with Kim Doo-hyun’s system… Even Cho Kyu-seong returns

Jeonbuk Hyundai fired a signal of a rebound with the acting system of Kim Doo-hyun.

Jeonbuk recently drew 1-1 and won 3-0 against FC Seoul and Suwon Samsung in the 11th and 12th rounds of the K-League. Jeonbuk, who added 4 points from 2 matches, 1 win and 1 draw, climbed out of the relegation zone by climbing to 7th place in the league.

It means a lot that the worst atmosphere has been reversed. Jeonbuk was on a two-game losing streak, being caught by Daejeon Hana Citizen and Gangwon FC before the match against Seoul. Coach Kim Sang-sik officially resigned ahead of the Seoul game, and even lost the command tower. In the Gangwon match, Kim Mun-hwan and Hong Jeong-ho were sent off, and Song Min-gyu, who had a good performance recently, was injured.

However, rather, the resignation of coach Kim, ‘shock therapy’ worked. Jeonbuk took the lead against Seoul with Gustavo’s goal in 11 seconds. In the second half, Park Dong-jin scored an equalizer and unfortunately missed the victory, but it wasn’t a bad result against Seoul, which was on the rise. Acting Kim Doo-hyun also seemed satisfied after the game, saying, “I didn’t get 3 points, but I think it’s a game with expectations and hopes.”

In the match against Suwon that followed, he showed off a cool performance. Moon Seon-min scored the first goal at the start of the game, and in the 40th minute, a wonderful additional goal was scored by Moon Seon-min, Hafa Silva and Baek Seung-ho. Moon Seon-min evaded the defender from the left side of the field and crossed, and Baek Seung-ho penetrated Silva’s header pass and finished it with a volley. Baek Seung-ho scored multiple goals in the 20th minute of the second half with a bold free kick from the outside right of the penalty box. Jeonbuk scored 3 goals for the first time this season and secured a complete victory.안전놀이터

Acting Kim Doo-Hyun’s aggressive operation can be said to have worked for two consecutive games. In Seoul, he interrupted the opponent’s build-up by putting high front pressure. Gustavo’s goal scene also came out while applying forward pressure at the same time as the start. In the match against Suwon, Park Jin-seop was promoted as a defensive midfielder, and Baek Seung-ho and Lee Soo-bin were placed aggressively to see the effect. Baek Seung-ho connected 4 out of 5 shots on target that day and scored 2 goals. Even after the game, he explained Acting Kim’s order, saying, “I tried to receive the ball in the opponent’s pocket (the space between the defender and midfielder) and connect it.”

Jeonbuk can now try to rise with the return of injured players. ‘World Cup Star’ Cho Kyu-sung is also expected to return in the next game. Acting Kim said ahead of the last match against Seoul, “Cho Kyu-seong is expected to return from the match against Incheon.” Lee Dong-jun and Han Kyo-won played a comeback against Suwon last time.

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