“It’s hot as hell” Austin’s Korean doubted ears, fan service hotter than Africa

“It’s hot as hell,” shouted Austin, a foreign batter who spoke Korean with precise pronunciation, and for a moment I doubted my ears.

For the second day in a row, the high temperature reached 37 degrees. LG Twins traveling fans at Lions Park were impressed by the fan service of Austin, a foreign hitter who knelt down to sign autographs.

Lions Park in Daegu, South Korea, hosted the second game of a three-game weekend series between the Samsung Lions and LG Twins on Friday. Fans braved the scorching temperatures to enjoy the baseball as the two teams battled back and forth until the end of the game.

The fans traveled to Daegu to cheer on the top-ranked LG Twins, calling out their names as they walked from the field to the dugout. At this point, a fan wearing an away jersey and a hat was holding the jersey of No. 23 Austin, and Austin turned around as he headed to the dugout.

Once in front of the fence, Austin continued his fan service by kneeling down to sign a jersey. As the fans around him asked for autographs, Austin beamed and gestured for them to toss their jerseys over the safety netting.

Austin stayed in front of the fence for a while, signing pom-poms, jerseys, baseballs, and anything else the fans wanted, before waving and leaving.

Austin was soaked in sweat from signing autographs before the game even started, and he even gave the fans who called out to him a finger heart.메이저놀이터

As he made his way to the dugout, Austin shouted out the correct pronunciation of “hot as hell.” Choi approached him as he was cooling off in front of a portable air conditioner, patting him on the back and praising his brother for his fanservice to the away fans.

LG’s away fans traveling to Daegu in 37-degree temperatures were impressed by Austin’s extraordinary fan service.

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