It Wasn’t Déjà Vu, Pohang’s Ha Chang-Rae Scores Amazing Theater Goal

FC Seoul 2-2 Pohang Steelers

Twice at the 2023 K League Green Grounds, the home team’s castle has come crashing down. Pohang Steelers center back Ha Chang-rae scored a stoppage-time equalizer at the same venue on June 11, and today (Aug. 4), 55 days later, he was the hero of a stoppage-time equalizer at the same venue.

Head coach Kim Ki-dong’s Pohang Steelers drew 2-2 away to FC Seoul at Seoul World Cup Stadium on Friday (Aug. 4) at 7:30 p.m. thanks to defender Ha Chang-rae’s stoppage-time theater tiebreaker to stay in second place in the 2023 K League 1 standings.

90+4 min 25 sec on June 11, 90+3 min 40 sec theater goal today

With the tropical night in full swing, the Friday Green Grounds at the Seoul World Cup Stadium erupted with an unbelievable stunner in the second half. The 15,160 soccer fans in attendance could hardly take their eyes off the action as the home team FC Seoul scored first and the away team Pohang Steelers followed dramatically.

FC Seoul’s first goal came in the 53rd minute and was a beautiful piece of work. The trajectory of Ki Sung-yueng’s early cross with his right foot was excellent, and Kim Shin-jin’s diving header was precise as he slipped between the opposing defenders.

The home fans’ jubilation was short-lived, however, as it lasted just 10 minutes. In the 63rd minute, Pohang Steelers scored a stunning equalizer in the opposite goal. Super sub Lee Ho-jae, who came on as a substitute right after the goal, sent an open pass down the right flank, and Go Young-joon found the front of the home team’s goal with a low early cross.

Here, Kim Seung-dae seemed to fumble the ball, but his toe touched the ball, and Aubertan, Pohang’s new breadwinner, scored a meaningful K League debut goal. The connection between Lee Ho-jae-Young-joon-Gim Seung-dae-Oberdan was reminiscent of Steel Taka.

It was a flow that convinced me that the current rankings of the two teams (2nd Pohang Steelers, 3rd FC Seoul) were no fluke, but the real soccer began to unfold from there. The two teams had played to a 1-1 draw at Pohang Steel Yard on April 15 and again at Seoul World Cup Stadium on June 11, so it was clear that one side was more determined than ever to claim all three points this time around.

Just 3 minutes and 29 seconds later, the home side FC Seoul added a goal to move closer to the three points. An early cross from the right flank was sent in low by Na Sang-ho and, as if waiting for it, Palocevic struck it with his left foot. It hit the defender’s leg and was slightly deflected, but it was a perfect piece of work.온라인바카라

The Pohang Steelers weren’t about to let their opponents get away with it, as they had another chance to equalize from the penalty spot just 10 minutes later. On a second ball in front of FC Seoul’s goal, defender Lee Han-beom tripped Pohang Steelers’ Grant on the ankle, which the VAR system did not overlook. Referee Jung Dong-sik on the field

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