“It’s faster than I thought.” The goal of the first half of the year, “5 wins,” is already over…2nd year tiger, ’10 wins’ in sight

Yoon Young-chul (20), Kia’s “second-year tiger,” has already garnered five wins for this season. He has already achieved his goal for the first half of the season. He is the first 10 wins he has made since his debut. He is the strong youngest member of Kia’s starting lineup.스포츠토토

Yoon has recorded 58.2 innings, five wins and three losses, and an ERA of 4.76 in 12 games this season. He has a slight sense of jaggedness. Notably, he has not played very well recently.

In the three games from May 22 to June 2, he allowed three runs in four innings, five runs in five innings, and four runs (three earned) in 2.1 innings. His ERA is 8.74. His ERA for this season has soared to 5.20.

At the match against Doosan Bears in Jamsil on Tuesday, Yoon successfully rebounded. He became the winning pitcher by allowing five hits, three walks and four strikeouts in five innings. Kia also won the game 8-2. If it loses on the day, it will come down from second place. It is not an exaggeration to say that Yoon blocked the worst case scenario.

This is his second scoreless pitching this season. He pitched five scoreless innings in a game against Doosan Bears in Jamsil on March 31, his first appearance of this season. As time passed, he displayed good pitching again against Doosan Bears.

He has five wins in this season. He had eight wins and seven losses and a 4.04 ERA last year. Despite his first year as a high school graduate, he showed outstanding performance. He hopes to have a better record this year. In particular, he has 10 wins.

Yoon said, “I want to make sure to catch one batter and one batter from the first inning. If I do that, I can go to the sixth inning if the number of pitches is small, and even if I don’t, I try to block as much as possible until the fifth inning. That’s how I throw the ball. I want to forget bad things as soon as possible.”

Regarding the number of wins, he said, “Coach Lee Dong-gul said, ‘Just do half-stroke in the first half. It’s five wins because it’s half of 10 wins. We still have some time left in the first half of the season, and we built it up faster than expected.”

“It’s because the fielders gave up a lot of points,” he said after giving credit to his teammates. “I want to win 10 games. But it’s not time to pay attention to it yet. The team wins first. I’m happy if the team wins on the day I throw. I don’t need individual wins.”

KIA Yoon Young-chul starts and throws the ball vigorously in the 2024 KBO League SSG match at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on April 18. Munhak | Reporter Kang Young-jo kanjo@sportsseoul.com

There is something different compared to the 2023 season. He added a cutter. He is making good use of it. “I think there are a lot of hitters who put the timing ahead of them. They don’t miss the fastball. I think the cutter is effective when dealing with such a batter,” he said.

“I think he can induce ground ball and swing and miss. He can make mistakes. That’s why I feel like I can throw more comfortably when I’m dealing with right-handed hitters,” he added.

He is now 20. However, his performance is irrelevant to his age. He also has a large portion of his team. Lee left the team after undergoing elbow surgery, and a foreign pitcher was replaced. There is considerable uncertainty. That is why I am glad to see Yoon play well.

“My first priority is to play a lot of innings. That’s my priority as a starting pitcher. I want to throw a lot of innings to help my team win. I have a good personal win, but the team has to win,” Yoon said.

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