Ryu Hyun-jin apologized again. In unison, the dugout shouted “apologize”… Why?

Has Hanwha manager Kim Kyung-moon’s baseball philosophy of “I want to play clean baseball” completely melted into the players?

The Hanwha Eagles booked the winning series with a 4-3 victory in the second game of the three-game series against the Doosan Bears at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 12th.

The scene in question took place in the top of the ninth inning after pinch hitter Moon Hyun-bin tried a squeeze bunt and scored one point.유흥알바

Hwang Young-mook is the next batter for Hanwha to lead 4-3.

Hwang Young-mook missed the bat while trying to cut a slider that went out to Lee Byung-hun of the Doosan Bears at the ball count of two strikes. The bat that was pulled out of the hand flew to the mound and Lee had to avoid it as he jumped up and down.

Hwang Young-mook, with one out and runners on first and second bases in the top of the ninth inning, is missing the bat with a swing and strikeout.
Hwang Young-mook, who thought it was a foul, challenged the referee’s decision to strike out swinging, but the decision did not change.

At this time, cries of “apologize” erupted from Hanwha’s dugout. Even at the moment Hwang Young-mook got the bat back from third baseman Huh Kyung-min, he was told to apologize several times.

Lee, who almost got hit by the bat, looked at Hwang and couldn’t hide his displeasure. However, Hwang seemed to have lost all attention to the decision to strike out swinging and eventually did not apologize to Lee. The dugout veterans kept shouting to apologize, but Hwang couldn’t understand as he was buried in the crowd’s cheering sound.

Bat that passed the mound. Third baseman Huh Kyung-min picks up the bat and hands it to Hwang Young-mook.

Several players shouted “apologize” in the dugout, but Hwang Young-mook did not understand.
It is not intentional to miss the bat while batting. However, be careful because the flying bat can pose a serious threat to the opponent team’s players. In addition, baseball fans should be prepared for a huge blow if their habit of missing the bat is repeated.

Ryu Hyun-jin and Lee Jae-won, who came to the ground after the game, gestured to Hwang Young-mook. He meant to apologize to Doosan’s team. After making Hwang apologize, Ryu once again made a gesture of “sorry” to his best friend Yang Eui-ji. Yang Eui-ji also “coolly” accepted Ryu’s apology.

Thanks to the veterans’ quick response, there was no unnecessary tension between the two teams.
After the bench-clearing against KT in Suwon on the 6th, manager Kim Kyung-moon said, “We are all partners. We should not do anything that might misunderstand each other. That’s what’s cool about.” He also politely apologized, saying, “I want to play baseball while keeping the image of the team clean. I will teach them better so that it doesn’t happen.”

Coach Kim Kyung-moon always greets the audience politely after the game

Hwang Young-mook can grow up to be the crown prince of Kim Kyung-moon.
Hwang Young-mook, who dropped out of college, played for an independent league club and dreamed of entering the KBO League, received Hanwha’s 31st overall pick in the fourth round of the rookie draft after a KBO tryout last year.

Armed with desperation, Hwang Young-mook, a 25-year-old late rookie, is flying high. He has been active in 48 games with a batting average of 311 with 20 RBIs and 22 runs scored.

The desperation almost damaged the spirit of the partnership. It’s a relief that Hanwha’s veterans quickly corrected it. Hwang Young-mook also learned one more on the day.

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