‘Important match’ Seol Ki-hyeon and director Lee Ki-hyeong’s Lee Gu-dong-seong “Confidence will decide the game”

 “How confidently you can do it will determine the game today.”

The ‘winner’ chosen by the coaches of both teams was ‘confidence’. Gyeongnam FC and Seongnam FC will play the 13th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ at Yangsan Sports Complex on the 14th. Gyeongnam is 5th with 20 points and Seongnam is 7th with 16 points. The team that wins here can take advantage of the high ground in the lead. Gyeongnam is currently undefeated in 3 matches and Seongnam is showing opposite trends with 3 matches undefeated.

Gyeongnam coach Seol Ki-hyun said, “Defensive stability is steadily improving. Now, it is necessary to continue creating chances through an offensive process. So I told the players to work hard as we prepared with confidence.” Seongnam coach Lee Ki-hyung also said, “The first thing I hit was that I said that I shouldn’t lose confidence or be pushed by the opponent’s fight.” He continued, “In the case of Gyeongnam, there are many attacks by side crosses or second balls following long balls, so I told them to focus on defense in those areas. I emphasized to try a lot of crosses by penetrating movements or side plays.”

The match will be held in Yangsan. Coach Seol said, “I don’t think it’s bad. First of all, the grass is good. Changwon has a grass problem at the end as we use it with Changwon FC. As we are a provincial club, we have an obligation to play in a place like Yangsan. It’s 안전놀이터 a bit awkward, but However, as awkward as it is for us as well as for the other party, I don’t think the downside is that big.” Coach Lee said, “I’m more concerned about the daytime game. It’s hot and humid, so I think concentration in the second half is important.”

Gyeongnam pulled out a 4-4-2 formation that day. Won Ki-jong and Seol Hyun-jin are at the top, and Castro, Song Hong-min, Lee Kang-hee and Mo Jae-hyun are at the waist. Park Min-seo, Cosmic Star Lee Gwang-seon, and Lee Jun-jae form a four-back. Go Dong-min guards the goal. Seongnam will face off with 4-1-4-1. Lee Jong-ho is in the front line, and Chris, Kwon Soon-hyeong, Lee Jae-won, and Shim Dong-woon are in the second line. Lee Sang-min goes out with a one-volunteer. Kim Jin-rae, Patrick, Cho Seong-wook, and Kim Hoon-min form a four-back. Choi Pil-soo puts on goalkeeper gloves.

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