‘How far… ’ Home run single again, but there is a different goal… The dream of a 6.5 billion free agent catcher

When he decided to use Jamsil Stadium as his home, he said he wanted to hit a lot of doubles.

Park Dong-won, the hostess of Geopo, transferred to the LG Twins as a free agent. He’s pumping out more home runs instead of doubles.

As of the 14th, 4 doubles and 9 home runs. more than twice

The last game of the weekend’s three-game series against Samsung was held on the 14th at Lions Park in Daegu. He also hit a home run and hit a double. He swept 4 RBIs with two shots, raising 2 RBIs each at the crucial moment.

All of them were long hits that exploded at the decisive moment.

At the beginning of the 4th inning, when he was trailing 1-5, he pulled Buchanan’s first ball curve at 1st base and went over the left wall. A two-run home run with a two-run lead. It was the ninth gun of the season, beating Noh Si-hwan of Hanwha, who had no home runs that day, and again rising to the top spot in home runs alone. He came close to hitting a double-digit home run for five consecutive seasons.

It wasn’t over. At the beginning of the ninth inning, which was maintaining a lead on thin ice by one point at 6-5, 1 company, 1st and 2nd base. Park Dong-won pushed Samsung finisher lefty Lee Seung-hyun’s outer high slider to the right field line. A sweeping double that sealed the game at 8-5.

The home run king we met after the game. Regarding his faster home run pace than last year, he explained, “I have been practicing a lot to get out with a short swing and practice seeing the ball well, and I’m getting good results because I don’t miss misplaced pitches.”

The secret to achieving the No. 1 home run record while using Jamsil as home. It’s in the distance. A whopping 5 of the 9 home runs exceeded the 120m standard for large home runs. In the last two games, he flew 130m → 125m. The average distance of 9 homers is 119m. It is a power that can easily overcome the biggest Jamsil Stadium.

Park Dong-won said, “I feel that the direction has improved and the hitting speed has also increased.” As for the secret, he analyzed, “I did a lot of hitting exercises and a lot of weight training, so it seems to be getting better as it matches each other in a complex way.”안전놀이터

The catcher position uses the wide Jamsil bee as a home and consumes a lot of physical strength. In many ways, it is an unfavorable environment to challenge the first home run king of his life. What do you think? When asked about the desire to become a home run king, a different answer comes.

“Honestly, I’ve never thought of a title like that. My goal is to win a championship by doing well, and if I’m really lucky, I want to win a Golden Glove once. I’m not thinking about being a home run king yet.”

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