“I’ll watch Showbu at the end of the season.” Gas Corporation, which entered the PO fight, and acting director Kang Hyuk’s joke using buzzwords

Acting head coach Kang Hyuk expressed his thoughts on playoff competition using his buzzword.

The 2023-2024 professional basketball match between Daegu Korea Gas Corporation and Seoul SK took place at Daegu Gymnasium on Oct. 29 last year. With Korea Gas Corporation trailing 93-94, acting coach Kang Hyuk called for the team’s strategy time with 6.2 seconds left before the end of the game. “Let’s just hit the shoboo here,” Kang said, entrusting Andrew Nicholson with the final shot. He ordered Nicholson’s three-point shot from the tower, his favorite.마카오토토도메인

After receiving a pass from Chabawi, Nicholson made a 3-pointer from the top as acting coach Kang Hyuk said. It seemed a bit long, but it was sucked into the rim after being hit by a backboard. It was a valuable shot that gave Korea Gas Corp. its first win of this season.

At that time, acting director Kang Hyuk’s strategy time became a big topic. The word shobu spread like a buzzword among fans. Shobu is the Japanese pronunciation of a match. It was such a hectic situation that the words he used often came out naturally.

Over time, acting coach Kang Hyuk brought up the word “shoboo” once again. In the first game since the All-Star break, Korea Gas Corporation had an 80-69 victory over Suwon KT on Wednesday, and now tied for seventh (11 wins and 20 losses) with four consecutive wins. It is four games ahead of sixth-ranked Ulsan Hyundai Mobis (15 wins and 16 losses), but since there are still 23 games left, Korea can have enough playoff competition.

When he talked about playoff contention to acting coach Kang Hyuk after the match, he said, “Only the sixth and fourth games are very different. If players feel pressure or say they have to win, they will be stiff. I will not think about that and do my best in one game.”

“If you do your best in every game, the sixth place is next to you. Then I will do my best at the end of the season,” he said, leaving a witty response using his buzzword.

Korea Gas Corporation, which had been hovering around the bottom of the list, revived perfectly starting from the third round. Now, it is fully capable of joining the middle-ranked team. Acting coach Kang Hyuk said, “As he said, it is expected that the battle for ranking will become more interesting to see if we will be able to properly watch Showbu at the end of the season.

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