Hwang Ui-jo, who is accused of illegal filming, is in crisis in his career as a player! Banning him from leaving the country… ‘Submitting an application to avoid excessive investigation’

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s cyber investigation unit, it requested the Ministry of Justice to ban Hwang Ui-jo from leaving the country.라바카지노

Hwang Ui-jo reportedly refused to comply with the request for attendance several times and decided that it was necessary to prevent him from leaving the country until the investigation was completed.

Hwang’s side reportedly protested. He reportedly submitted an application to the office of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s hearing inspection and human rights officer to avoid investigators, saying, “He broke away from his team due to excessive investigation.”

Hwang Ui-jo was investigated for about 10 hours on the 12th. It has been two months since he was booked as a suspect and was first investigated.

Hwang Ui-jo reportedly submitted related data, emphasizing that it was not an illegal filming because the victim did not express her intention to reject it.

Hwang Ui-jo, a former Seongnam FC player, was also listed as a leading candidate for the 2015 K-League Young Player. Afterwards, he moved to Gamba Osaka and played an active part in the Japanese stage.

Hwang Ui-jo solved his long-cherished military problem with winning the gold medal as he performed tremendously as a wild card at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games under the call of his teacher Kim Hak-bam.

Hwang Ui-jo knocked on the European stage. He moved to Girondins Bordeaux and scored goals in succession to demonstrate his strong presence.

Hwang Ui-jo searched for a new destination as Borod was relegated due to poor performance and moved to Nottingham Forest in August 2022. However, he did not take the opportunity and left on loan to Olympiacos in the Greek League.

However, it was not easy. He returned to the K-League through a loan transfer from FC Seoul after failing to show any significant performance at Olympiacos. After that, he headed to Nottingham.

Hwang Ui-jo raised expectations for the new season by playing in the pre-season game in Nottingham.

However, privacy is at the center of the controversy, making a big impact.

Hwang Ui-jo faced a crisis in his career as he stood at the center of controversy, including being investigated for illegal filming.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, Hwang Ui-jo was transferred to a suspect and investigated after believing that he was suspected of filming illegally.

A woman who claimed to be an ex-lover who uploaded articles and videos related to Hwang Ui-jo’s revelation of his personal life was arrested.

Hwang Ui-jo countered that he received threats to distribute photos after his mobile phone was stolen in November last year, saying that all of the contents were false.

However, Hwang Ui-jo’s alleged illegal filming victim became controversial when he claimed, “I never agreed to film.”

Hwang Ui-jo claimed that it was agreed, but the victim of illegal filming was directly refuted through a law firm, sparking controversy.

The victim’s legal representative claimed, “The victim had been in a brief relationship with Hwang Ui-jo in the past, but he did not agree to shoot the sensitive video and requested it to be deleted.”

The victim’s lawyer also disclosed the phone calls and messenger conversations he had with Hwang Ui-jo in the past, saying it was evidence of illegal filming.

According to the phone call and messenger conversation, the victim raised his voice to Hwang Ui-jo, “I asked him to show me (the video) and clearly asked him to delete it,” and “I told you clearly that I didn’t like it.”

Hwang Ui-jo also admitted his mistakes, saying, “I’m trying hard not to avoid it,” “I didn’t know this would happen when I took it,” and “I’m really sorry.”

Shocking, the woman A, who was arrested on charges of spreading Hwang Ui-jo’s private life videos, is known to be her biological brother.

A is said to have served as a de facto manager with his brother, such as accompanying Hwang Ui-jo on overseas business trips, shocking everyone.

Hwang Ui-jo’s side also completely denied allegations of a financial dispute between brothers that surfaced, saying they believed his brother-in-law A was innocent.

According to Hwang Ui-jo’s legal representative, the family believes in innocence, and his brother and sister-in-law are still committed to Hwang Ui-jo’s safety.

Hwang Ui-jo’s side said, “The contents of the defense that only those who made the brother-in-law’s crime a fait accompli and even participated in the investigation process can know are being announced indiscriminately. The allegations of financial disputes between brothers and affair with their sister-in-law raised by some are not true at all.”

“Please refrain from making unreasonable speculation until the verdict is given that it was the sentence and the brother-in-law who pushed for a lawsuit against the original video,” Hwang said. “The court is paying attention to the possibility that the video was not committed by the same person. We doubt the possibility that it was committed by professional and organized people.”

Hwang Ui-jo was disqualified from the national team due to controversy over his privacy.

The Korea Football Association discussed the issue of Hwang Ui-jo, who has recently been accused of illegal filming, in the presence of major executives of the association, including the ethics committee, the Fair Trade Commission, and the National Power Enhancement Committee.

The Korea Football Association announced, “We have decided not to select Hwang Ui-jo for the national team until a clear conclusion is reached on the facts.”

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