“I want to take you when the first team comes”… The dream that unfolded after meeting ‘Yasin’, the promise of the ‘unknown kid’

“You look the same as when you were young…”

Mok Ji-hoon (19), the ‘rookie’ of the NC Dinos, has special memories. In the winter of 2011, he appeared in a hot chocolate commercial with director Kim Seong-geun.

The meeting with ‘Yasin’ raised a dream for young Mok Ji-hoon. He grew day by day as a baseball player, and showed off his skills by throwing 47⅔ innings in 13 games while attending Shinil High School last year, recording 5 wins and 1 loss with an earned run average of 2.06.

Twelve years after meeting coach Kim, Mok Ji-hoon joined the pros in the 4th round (34th overall) of the 2023 rookie draft. At the time, he followed the nickname ‘Mitte kid’ after the name of the advertisement product.

A special meeting was held for Mok Ji-hoon, who became a professional. He met director Kim through an entertainment program. Director Kim recalled, “The kid moved a little after it was over. I told him to run, and he was quick. My mother made me play baseball by saying, ‘I can play baseball.'”

Mok Ji-hoon also hoped to be grateful, saying, “At that time, he became a professional player in one word.”

After the entertainment program aired, Mok Ji-hoon conveyed his feelings through the club’s SNS. He said, “I always wanted to see you. It was meaningful and honorable that the club took care of me and invited me to a good program. When I greeted you again, I looked the same as when I was young, but after becoming a professional player, my presence seemed bigger.”

Mok Ji-hoon continued, “I still have some memories of that time (when I filmed the commercial). And I saw my mother filming the advertisement at home once. My mother also saw director Kim Seong-geun again, but I think she felt different. “he added. 카지노

After meeting director Kim on a variety show, Mok Ji-hoon found more confidence. He said, “I worked hard since I was an amateur, thinking ‘I can do it’. After meeting the coach this time, I think I exercised with more confidence. There was a saying, ‘It’s practice’, but I felt this word very strongly. The direction I thought was similar to what the coach said, so I was convinced that I was doing well.” I think I can achieve it,” he said.

Your first step towards becoming a pro. Coach Kim once again gave Mok Ji-hun advice. Mok Ji-hoon said, “He told me not to be too impatient to go up to the first team. I will not be impatient and I will try to prepare harder in the current C team (Futures).”

There are also clear goals. Mok Ji-hoon promised, “If I go up to the N team (group 1), I want to bring the coach to NC Park.”

Finally, he said, “I would like to express my gratitude to the director of photography and the people involved in the commercial who made my dream come true and allowed me to meet a good director.”

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