“I should do anything.”··· Back Lim Ki-young, his position is an ‘all-weather pitcher’ again this year

Lim Ki-young pitched in the bottom of the fourth inning against NC 3-3 at Changwon NC Park on the 29th and pitched 2.2 innings of two hits, one walk and no runs. While Lim Ki-young was throwing, Lim Ki-young became the winning pitcher as KIA broke the balance in the top of the fifth inning and won 6-3 after leading.먹튀검증

It was the first return match in just two months since the match against Doosan on March 29. Lim Ki-young went to rehabilitation after suffering damage to his side muscles after taking the mound at the time. It was an injury that seemed to be a disaster for KIA because it was right after the opening, but KIA held on well and Lim Ki-young returned at a time when the mound had to be recharged.

As starter Lee Eui-ri allowed three runs in three innings on the day, Lim took the mound in the bottom of the fourth inning as “plus one” pitcher as scheduled. He allowed two runners on base with a walk and a hit after the bottom of the fourth inning, but ended the game with a fly to center field and three outs in the fifth inning. After the bottom of the sixth inning, he got a right-handed hit by No. 7 Han Seok-hyun, recording 51 pitches, and handed the mound to the next pitcher. It was an outstanding pitching in the return match. “I think he showed his skills even though it was his first appearance in the main league in a long time,” Kia Tigers coach Lee Bum-ho said.

During her rehabilitation process, Lim took the mound once in mid-April at a real game in the Futures League and returned to rehabilitation due to poor physical conditions. As soon as the season opened, she hurriedly returned to the game due to upsetting feelings.

Lim Ki-young said, “When I first got hurt, I went to Champions Field a few times. It was good because the team was doing well, but on the other hand, I thought, ‘What am I doing here?’ I went to the Futures game thinking I should prepare quickly, but it was a bit bad and it stopped again. I rarely watched baseball after that. If I see it, I think I will overdo it and rush again. After that, a player injured in the team came out and asked if I would be selected, so I prepared with the mindset of rebuilding my body as I thought I would do anything.”

Lim Ki-young, who pitched as a starting pitcher until 2022, moved to the bullpen last year. He played both long relief throws and must-win struggles to secure victory at the showdown. He was an all-weather bullpen pitcher who played in 64 games and 82 innings.

This year is similar. Currently, Lim’s position has not been determined. He started the season as a must-win pitcher, but was injured and while he was undergoing rehabilitation, there were some injured players on the starting lineup of Kia. Lim, who started pitching after rehabilitation and was preparing to return to the mound as a starting pitcher, prepared for the comeback, considering starting pitcher as well. However, as Hwang Dong-ha, who was a substitute player recently, pitched well and Lee Eui-ri returned to the starting lineup as the starting lineup was filled with players, Lim no longer needed to start. As Lee Eui-ri, the starting pitcher who completed rehabilitation, has yet to fill the number of pitches, Lim has returned to the mound as a +1 pitcher. Lim is an all-weather pitcher again this year.

Lim Ki-young said, “I felt sorry for the pitchers for two months. I think I need to strengthen my strength now because the pitchers were struggling a bit. It’s not about taking care of my condition, I think I need to do anything because I rested for too long. I think the most important thing is that I can throw a little bit more, whether it’s a starter or a bullpen.”

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