“I enjoyed the Rafak effect from the first game.” Park Byung-ho’s off-the-shelf home run banged! … He stretched out his revival at the home run factory

Park Byung-ho (38) has pledged to play for the Samsung Lions. Through a trade on Friday, Park will leave the KT Wiz to join the Samsung Lions. Having moved to Daegu immediately with his luggage, Park immediately went to work at Samsung Lions Park, Samsung’s home stadium, from Tuesday. He expressed his desire to hit long balls that his team wants at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu, a more batter-friendly stadium.메이저사이트

Then, he hit a homerun in the first game as a member of the Samsung Lions. In a game against the Kiwoom Heroes in Daegu on Sunday, Park, designated as the sixth batter, swung a 132-kilometer slider by starting pitcher Enmanuel de Heissus to the left fence in the bottom of the fourth inning. An over-the-counter homer with a flying distance of 120 meters exploded. Park gave a strong impression to Daegu fans by hitting a homerun on the first day of his transfer.

Samsung Lions Park in Daegu is a stadium where many home runs are produced. The home plate to the left and right fences are only 99 meters long. Park Byung-ho, one of the most famous home run hitters in the KBO league, also has many good memories of playing in Daegu. At the 2016 Daegu Samsung Lions Park, Park played in 42 games and hit 15 home runs. He had a batting average of 0.301 (46 hits from 153 times at bat), an on-base percentage of 0.417 with an on-base percentage of 0.641 with an on-base percentage of 1.058 with an on-base percentage.

Samsung also recruited Park Byung-ho and said, “As a right-handed slugger, it is expected to solidify the left-right balance of the team’s batting line and maximize the advantages of superior home run productivity at Lions Park, which has a short fence distance.”

Having used the Daegu Samsung Lions Park, a batter-friendly stadium, Park Byung-ho also said, “I want to display my strengths. I’m looking forward to it. If I can’t display my slugging capability, my value declines. That’s why I want to contribute to my team by hitting long balls,” expressing his desire to hit many homeruns. “I have good memories in Daegu. I think I had good hits once in a series. The baseball stadium is also highly concentrated,” he said, vowing to play as a Samsung man.

After graduating from Seongnam High School, Park joined the LG Twins in 2005 as the first designation. Since then, he has lived only in metropolitan areas such as the Nexen Heroes of Kiwoom and the KT Wiz. Now, he has to adapt to unfamiliar environments outside the ballpark. “Baseball players can be traded or their environments can change at any time. I want to adapt myself. I think this is the life experienced by a baseball player. I want to adapt quickly,” Park said.

Samsung has many young players. Samsung is also looking forward to Park Byung-ho, an experienced player, as a dugout leader. Manager Park Jin-man said, “I asked him to set a good example, too. We have many young batters in our team. Since it might be difficult to approach Park first, I hope he goes out first and gives the players his know-how. Park said he would do the same.”

Park Byung-ho also said, “I hope Coach Park Jin-man will tell good stories to our juniors. I want to approach them and have more conversations with them in order to get closer to them. Outside of baseball, I also have a role to play. I try to take good care of those things. First of all, getting acquainted with the players is my priority,” he said, adding, “I want to show them the dignity of a veteran.”

He also said he wanted to play first base defense. “I also have to do well in everything I can because I came to Samsung after being traded. I will do what coach Park Jin-man recommends as I have no anxiety about going to the first base defense. David McKinnon is also playing as a first baseman, but I will prepare to play as a first baseman if something happens or if he needs to take a break,” Park said.

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