‘I know the goal of the East Coast Derby’ Go Young-jun, “Down with Ulsan” engraved since elementary school

Koh Young-jun, a former member of the Pohang Steelers Seonggol youth team, talked about his determination to prepare for the East Coast Derby.

On the 22nd at 4:30 pm at Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium, Ulsan Hyundai and Pohang Steelers will face each other through the 8th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023. It is the East Coast Derby, one of the best rivalries in the K-League. Since it is a confrontation at the top of the leaderboard, the interest is even greater.

Young-Jun Koh has the experience of laying the foundation for a reversal by scoring an equalizer in the second half of the 0-1 away game in Ulsan last September. Noh Kyung-ho scored the winning goal in extra time in the second half, giving Pohang a thrilling come-from-behind victory. Go Yeong-jun, who is leaving for the first time since that day on an expedition to Ulsan, tries to revive his good memories. Since he has started in all games so far this year, there is a high possibility that he will also be selected as coach Kim Ki-dong against Ulsan.토토사이트

Ko Young-joon recalled the memory of last year’s away game through ‘Footballist’ and said, “I’ve been wearing a Pohang uniform since I was in elementary school, so I know the meaning of the East Coast Derby better than anyone else. From my youth days until now, I thought Ulsan must win unconditionally. I’ve experienced the East Coast Derby a few times since I came. Now I know what the atmosphere is like, and I know how to prepare.”

Koh Young-joon said that it was okay even if he did not score a goal as long as he could win this match. “I don’t like to stand out very much. That’s why I want to help the team in many ways rather than the greed of the main character. I like winning more than goals,” he said with strength in his voice. Then, Koh Young-joon hurriedly added, “Of course, it’s not that I’m not greedy for goals. I want to score goals in every game. Among them, I want to win the East Coast Derby unconditionally, somehow.”

Ko Young-jun, who is considered the future of the K-League, has grown again this year. In particular, the movement to actively infiltrate the opponent’s camp is becoming a great addition to Pohang’s rise. He is doing a good job of coach Kim’s instructions to dig in between the defense and midfield, in the half space, and in the empty space.

It seems that there are still many regrets to ask me to evaluate my own growth. Ko Young-jun said, “You have to play more closely to create a lot of good scenes.”

His fellow brothers are also expecting Go Young-jun, who scored two goals this year and was named in the round best 11 twice. Koh Young-jun said, “I personally set the goal for this year as 15 attack points, but (Ha) Chang-rae asked me to score 15 goals only by scoring. So we can win. I knew it was a joke, so I said, ‘I will do that’. Deep down, I really want to do that too. I want to be a player who scores goals whenever the opportunity presents itself.”

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