‘I came all the way to my alma mater…’ Managing Director Park Min-woo, the juniors he couldn’t meet

 I found my alma mater after 3 years. leave a regret

On the 20th, the Sangmu Basketball Team of the Armed Forces Sports Corps visited the Whimoon Middle School Gymnasium for the ‘Elite Secondary Basketball Talent Donation Program’ hosted and supervised by the Korea Middle and High Basketball Federation.

Managing Director Park Min-woo, who graduated from Whimoon High School, is familiar with the gym.

Park Min-woo said, “I came to my alma mater in the 4th year of college to obtain an educational service license. Since then, it has been 3 years since then. Nothing has changed. It is nice to meet juniors playing basketball at my alma mater after a long time.”

Ahead of the talent donation, the Secondhand Basketball Federation sent an official letter to schools with elite basketball teams, and the program was conducted for schools that applied for it. However, unlike Whimoon Middle School, Whimoon High School did not apply for talent donation through the Seoul Convention. Park Min-woo, who graduated from Yongsan Middle School and Whimun High School, was unable to meet his high school juniors.안전놀이터

Park Min-woo said, “It’s unfortunate, but it’s okay.” and Song Gyo-chang, and Kim Nak-hyun, I liked it more.”

Park Min-woo, who enlisted in May last year, will be discharged on November 15th. A year has already passed since his military service.

Park Min-woo said, “I came to the pro and changed my position. I aimed to become sharper and more flexible in the management position. I also lost more than 10 kg in weight compared to when I was in the pro.” I think it will be better if I prepare well for the remaining time and return to the team.” 

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