A team of the same weight class as Tottenham can’t even go to the Europa League… UECL is also opaque

Tottenham Hotspur’s progress to European competitions in the next season is uncertain. 

Brighton & Hove Albion played 3-3 in a match against Southampton FC in Round 37 of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022/23 season held at The American Express Community Stadium in Brighton, East Sussex, South East England on the 21st (Korean time). won by 1 Brighton won after 2 league games and Southampton lost 2 league games in a row. 

With Brighton winning that day, Tottenham’s Europa League frustration was confirmed. This is because as 6th place Brighton reached 61 points, it became impossible for Tottenham, 8th place with 57 points, to overturn it with one game left. 

Tickets for the Europa League will go back to 5th and 6th place if the winning team of the cup competition is the top team. Since the FA Cup final is played between Manchester United and Manchester City, tickets go up to 6th, but Tottenham failed to secure this ranking.안전놀이터

7th place can go to the Europa League Conference League, but even this is not easy as they are one point behind Villa. A team of the same weight class as Tottenham may not be able to compete in European competitions at all. 

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