Hyundai Mobis line injury bad news as an opportunity? broadened spectrum

Ulsan Hyundai Mobis unfortunately finished the season at the first gate of the playoffs (PO). However, due to the bad news of the injury at the end of the season, the possibility was confirmed by incorporating a new system, and it became possible to have a wider spectrum of players.

Hyundai Mobis was not classified as a strong team ahead of this season. However, they proudly stepped onto the PO stage in 4th place. At the end of the season, Lee Woo-seok, Ham Ji-hoon, and Jang Jae-seok, the main players of the team, had to leave due to injuries, but they continued their winning streak and reached the second place at the end of the season. Hyundai Mobis coach Dong-Hyun Cho brought out new hope by appointing Choi Jin-soo, Shin Min-seok, and Kim Tae-wan as players suffered line injuries.

Choi Jin-soo, 203cm, and Shin Min-seok, 198cm tall, are stretch-type big men who shoot 3-point shots. When the two seized the opportunity, they captured Cho’s heart through active rebounding and defense. Choi Jin-soo was in charge of defending foreign players, and showed his presence in offense, contributing to the rise. Shin Min-seok also did dirty work such as rebounding while hitting a 3-point shot. Director Cho said, “I was worried, but when I was put in, it exceeded my expectations. As much as he confirmed the potential of new players, he operated according to the situation.”안전놀이터

Choi Jin-soo was used as a key man, blocking Carrot Didric Lawson in the PO of the 6th round against Goyang Carrot. Choi Jin-soo, who had height and speed, followed Lawson like a leech and harassed him. He also helped with spacing, such as throwing a three-point shot in offense. However, Hyundai Mobis reduced the gap due to Choi Jin-soo’s injury in the 5th PO game of the 6th round, which was lost. Newcomer Kim Tae-wan also took a chance in PO due to the sluggish performance of Ronjay Avarientos, and showed his hopes by showing his presence in karate. Coach Cho said, “Kim Tae-wan is young, but he played hard without being intimidated. He did more than 100% of his role,” he praised.

Despite the bad news of injury, Hyundai Mobis discovered a new possibility and immediately utilized it as a sense of power. As a result, the range of player skills has widened. It’s a big regret for dropping out of the PO early, but that’s why coach Cho said, “I’m looking forward to the next season.”

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