Hwaseong City Hall and Suwon City Hall, men and women before the Unemployment Volleyball Federation ‘normal dating’

Each Sangmu and Pohang City Sports Association beat 3-1 and 3-0 and achieved 5 and 2 consecutive victories
MVP Kim Joon-young and Kim Hyun-ji… Lim Tae-bok and Son Seok-beom Leadership Award

Hwaseong City Hall and Suwon Special City Hall achieved 5 consecutive victories in the men’s division and 2 consecutive victories in the female division side by side in the 2023 Korea Unemployment Volleyball Federation.

Hwaseong City Hall, led by head coach Lim Tae-bok, won a 3-1 (19-25 25-19 25-19 25-21) come-from-behind victory over ‘opponent’ Sangmu in the men’s final on the last day of the tournament held at Hongcheon Sports Complex in Gangwon-do on the 12th, and won the tournament for 5 consecutive years. took supremacy안전놀이터

Hwaseong City Hall lost the first set due to the spirit of Sangmu, who had only 9 entries, and the attacks of Kim Joon-young and Kim Woong-bi, but later, the best outside heater, Lee Dong-seok and opponent Spiker Kim Jun-young, took the 2nd set to 25-15. brought it and turned the game to square one.

In the third set, Hwaseong City Hall, who added a set with a turnaround with a last-minute concentration, fell behind by 3 points due to a strong serve by managing director Kim Dong-young in the middle of the fourth set, but Hwang Doo-yeon, who was put in as a substitute, played her part in serving and attacking, leading the match to 25-21. finished

Lim Tae-bok, head coach of Hwaseong City Hall, said, “The opposing team, Sangmu, had only 9 players and decided that it would be physically burdensome, so preparing for the final with selected players was effective. Today, the game was difficult because our players were more nervous than expected. Kim Joon-young and Hwang Doo-yeon did well belatedly, so we were able to win.”

In the women’s final, Suwon City Hall, led by coach Kang Min-sik, won the championship for the second year in a row by defeating the Pohang City Sports Association 3-0 (25-18 25-18 25-22) with the performances of outside hitter Lee Yeon-jae and opposite sniper Kim Do-ah. .

Suwon City Hall took the lead by 1-2 points in the beginning of the first set in the face of the Pohang City Sports Association, which won 3-0 in the previous group stage, but Kim Do-ah’s right attack and Lee Yeon-jae’s left strike middle blockers Jeong Yu-ri and Kim Hyun-ji evenly scored and scored 25 points. -18 overcame the baseline.

In the 2nd set, Suwon City Hall continued to lead and added a set with setter Ha Hyo-rim’s fast ball distribution and left and right strikers’ strong hits based on Kim Chae-won’s stable receive as a libero. He performed well and finished the game.

Kang Min-sik, head coach of Suwon City Hall, said, “Last year’s performance was not good, so I suffered a lot in many ways, but I feel good because I sewed the first button of the season well.” Even though Jit Spiker was injured and moved, Kim Do-ah, who digested it well, did her part well.”

Hwaseong City Hall Kim Jun-yeong and Suwon City Hall Kim Hyun-ji were selected as the MVP of the tournament, Cho Seong-chan (Hwaseong City Hall) and Kim Chae-won (Suwon City Hall) were selected for the Libero Award, and Ha Deok-ho (Hwaseong City Hall) and Ha Hyo-rim (Suwon City Hall) were selected for the Setter Award and Hwaseong City Hall. Director Lim Tae-bok of City Hall and coach Son Seok-beom of Suwon City Hall each won the Guidance Award.

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