Handanovic on ‘the value of defeat’ in his final days, 18 years after his death

Inter Milan goalkeeper Samir Handanovic has been enjoying a renaissance in the last three years that had eluded him for the previous 18 years. He has a chance to add two more this season.

The Nerazzurri are facing two final matches of the season. The Coppa Italia (FA Cup) final will be played on May 25 at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, Italy. Their opponent is Fiorentina. On June 11, they’ll play Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) final at Turkkiye Istanbul. There is still a chance to finish the season with a double.

Ahead of the final, Inter’s Handanovic gave a press conference. Handanovic is an Inter legend. He”s been in goal for Inter since 2012. The senior goalkeeper has been recognized as a top-class player for both Inter and the Slovenian national team. This season, he has gradually given way to younger Andre Onana and is entering the final years of his career.

Handanovic has been a classic “unsung legend” for some time. From the 2003-2004 season, when he started his professional career in his home country, to 2004, when he first arrived in Italy, to his time with Inter, he spent 18 years without winning a single title. Not even a Copa. Inter’s dark ages overlapped with Handanovic’s heyday. In the 2019-2020 season, the Nerazzurri reached the UEFA Europa League final, only to lose to Sevilla as runners-up.

But the blockage was broken in 2021, when they won the Italian Serie A title. Last year, he won the Copa for the first time in his career, followed by the Coppa Italiana (Supercoppa), making it four trophies in a row.

“I can’t summarize this season yet,” Handanovic said. A lot will be decided in the remaining matches,” he said.

“You grow through defeat. “Losing makes you grow. It breaks your shell and makes you see reality. The value of winning is different, it builds self-esteem.”안전놀이터

“I’ve been a professional since I came to Italy in 2004. It’s not only important when you’re playing, you have to do your part even when you’re not playing. I’ve been around people who I can learn from, and that’s the best part of my career.”

When asked about off-field issues, such as his future, Handanovic said, “We are here to lift trophies. Our team deserves to win, and that’s what we’ve been doing in recent years,” he said.

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