Han Su-ji·Ha-hye·Ahn Hye-jin·Yoo Seo-yeon transformed into daily coaches… GS Caltex, 2023 one-pointing volleyball class

GS Caltex held the ‘2023 One Pointing Volleyball Class’ at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 13th with the Seoul Facilities Corporation.

In this youth volleyball class, GS Caltex players such as Han Su-ji, Han-hye, Ahn Hye-jin, and Yu Seo-yeon transformed into daily coaches and conducted it for about 6 hours from 9:00 am to 15:00 am for 62 elementary and middle school students in 4 classes.

Popular stars representing Korean women’s volleyball delivered the fun of volleyball by directly passing on their know-how through customized education such as basic skills such as attack and defense, serve, and mini-games tailored to the eye level of young 카지노사이트 students. After the volleyball class, I made special memories by getting autographs from my favorite players and taking commemorative photos.

Suji Han, captain of GS Caltex, said, “I was happy to participate in order to repay my young friends who love GS Caltex. He was proud to see him passionately playing volleyball in a pleasant atmosphere. I hope that volleyball will be more active and the popularity of professional volleyball will increase through opportunities for young people to experience volleyball directly.”

GS Caltex operates youth volleyball classes to expand the base of volleyball and provides opportunities to learn volleyball to general students. GS Caltex plans to continue to create various education and programs so that youth can feel fun and interest in volleyball.

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