Former MVP who was thrilled with the ‘200 million dollar jackpot’… But fall again? “Should I inquire about Ohtani?”

The Los Angeles Dodgers saw a low chance of a rebound for Cody Bellinger (28, Chicago Cubs), who won the 2019 National League Most Valuable Player (MVP). He continued to persevere and try to regain his former skills, but saw it to no avail.

The Dodgers’ choice was a shocking ‘non-tender release’. The Dodgers released Bellinger, who had one year left before becoming a free agent. It is said that it was a waste to give the expected annual salary of about 17.5 million dollars (about 23.5 billion won). With the Bellinger release market open, the Chicago Cubs, who needed to reinforce their outfield, took Bellinger’s hand.

Bellinger’s season has been a roller coaster. Bellinger, who seemed unable to get out of the swamp of sluggishness at the beginning of the season, has been burning hot since mid-April. His performance was good enough to be evaluated as “The Dodgers made a mistake.” But in May, his grades plummeted again. A self-deprecating response of “That’s right” comes out. Basically, having a player’s performance fluctuate like this doesn’t help much with his individual value.

Bellinger had a batting average of 0.307, 7 homers, 18 RBIs, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 1.000 during the month of April. The Cubs seemed to hit the jackpot at $17.5 million a year. However, in May, they bowed their heads again. He finished about half of the schedule in May, and his batting average in May is only 0.220. OPS is 0.573. He went 50 at bats in May and he hit no home runs. His RBIs are also only two. He had four walks while striking out 14.

While the detailed indicators are falling again, the perception that he is an ‘unpredictable player’ is getting stronger. Bellinger’s side had a plan to go to the free agent market after this season and hit the jackpot of more than 200 million dollars. Looking at the results in April, this was not an empty dream. However, with May’s performance dropping, attention is again gathering on Bellinger’s final performance. Eventually, there is even a prospect that the Cubs will give up Bellinger.

Patrick Mooney, a reporter in charge of the Cubs of the North American sports media ‘The Athletic’, revealed his idea that Bellinger’s future direction is flexible in a question and answer section with readers. Bellinger’s performance isn’t very bad, but the price could be a burden, he saw. Plus, the Cubs have some young outfielders on standby. The wait-and-see of the Cubs, the original team, is a negative factor in improving the value of Bellinger.

Mooney cited the Cubs’ commitment to an in-season extension of Ian Happ (three-year, $61 million) and Bellinger’s agent Scott Boras’ preference for free agency over an extension. Considering this, it was predicted that there would be no ‘agreement’ of something during the season.카지노사이트

Currently, there is a lack of center fielders with both offense and defense in the market. The eight-year, $162 million contract of Brandon Nemo (New York Mets), which is inferior in overall career and name value to Bellinger, is symbolic. In the end, Boras Corporation will go to the market and win more contracts, but it is unclear whether the Cubs will follow suit.

Mooney said that the Cubs are already investing a lot of money in outfielders named Hap and Seiya Suzuki. Ohtani is the biggest word in the FA market, and clubs with money are salivating. The Cubs, too, need a starter and big lefties, and they’re a team that can spend money. Because of Ohtani, Bellinger is not number one.

In addition, Mooney said, “The Cubs believe that Pete Cro-Armstrong, a top prospect acquired from the Mets at the time of the Javier Baez trade, can be such a player (an outfielder with both offense and defense).” Sending Bellinger to take Cro-Armstrong’s place could also be considered. Mooney predicted that Bellinger’s contributions for the Cubs this season and the Cubs’ draft compensatory pick by rejecting a qualifying offer would be the best scenario for both sides.

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