‘Dramatic FA contract’ Kiwoom Jeong Chan-heon, Futures’ first appearance… “I’ll take my time and get ready”

 In 2023, the ‘last free agent’ Jeong Chan-heon reported a passable first appearance. Jeong Chan-heon took the mound in the 3rd inning as the second pitcher following starter Kim Seon-ki in the Icheon Futures game against the Doosan Bears on April 14th.

However, it was not the appearance of Jeong Chan-heon in the past. He showed a decent pitch with 3 innings and 1 run, but he had a strong personality to check his condition. He didn’t come out well in the early 140 km / h speed.

As soon as Jeong Chan-heon came up, he allowed An Seung-han and Kwon Min-seok to hit, exposing his uneasy appearance.안전놀이터

However, he overcame the crisis by treating Kim Si-wan as a shortstop grounder. Even in the 4th inning, he allowed Kim Min-hyeok to hit, but he overcame the crisis by inducing Hong Seong-ho to hit first baseman with a ground ball. In the fifth, he ended the inning with a three-running.

An official from Kiwoom said, “There was a hiatus, and now it’s the first appearance, so we can’t distribute the first drink. Of course, it will be flexible depending on the team situation, but the tip from the field is that there is a high possibility that he will make a mound for the Futures a few more times

. He picked Kim Seon-

gi , Jeong Chan-heon, and Lee Seung-ho, the starting lineup, as the power that can become this day. I wore a Kiwoom uniform through a trade in the 2021 season.,I played in 11 games and recorded a 3-3 ERA with an average ERA of 3.99, but the following year, it was sluggish with 5-6 and an average ERA of 5.36.

Jeong Chan-heon, who obtained FA qualification after the 2022 season, was in danger of becoming a missing child, but Kiwoom reached out dramatically at the last minute and contracted for 2 years. I signed a contract for 60 million won.

Jeong Chan-heon has been building his body through individual training until he finds his team, and from the beginning of March, he joined Seongnam Magpies, an independent league, and digested actual pitching.

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