‘Decision to recruit Kim Min-jae’ Manchester United finally triggers buyout clause

 Reporter Kang Dong-hoon = Manchester United decided to recruit Kim Min-jae (26, Napoli) to strengthen their defensive line. In the end, we plan to invest 48 million euros (approximately 64 billion won) in the transfer allowance (buyout). However, it seems that we will have to keep an eye on the situation until July to see if the transfer will take place.

Italian media ‘Corriere dello Sport’ said on the 27th (Korean time), “Man United will recruit Kim Min-jae through a buyout clause that will be activated from July 1 to 15.” “We have already started negotiations with the agent. “He reported the news.

It was in September of last year that Manchester United took an interest in Kim Min-jae in earnest. From the first season of transfer to Naples, he jumped to the core and performed outstandingly, and when his skills were verified in the Italian Serie A as well as the UEFA Champions League, he sent a ‘love call’ while participating in the recruitment match.

In particular, the courtship toward Kim Min-jae was more active as it needed reinforcement of the center back. In fact, Man United has no reliable center backs other than Rafael Varane (29) and Lisandro Martinez (25). There are Harry Maguire (29), but he is uneasy, such as making frequent mistakes. It is to the point that Luke Shaw (27), whose original position is fullback, is set to play as centerback. 스포츠토토

In addition, Kim Min-jae, who is currently evaluated as the best defender in the top 5 European leagues, is considered as the ‘top priority’ because the buyout is cheap. Considering the trend of the transfer market, where transfer fees are constantly soaring, 48 million euros is close to a ‘benefit contract’.

However, it is ‘unclear’ whether Manchester United will be able to embrace Kim Min-jae in the upcoming summer transfer window. This is because Napoli is a key player, so they have a strong will to catch on, and they plan to remove or increase the buyout clause through renewal.

The player’s own intention is also important, but it is not clear whether Kim Min-jae will choose Man Utah. Real Italian media ‘Area Napoli’ said, “Despite many ‘love calls’, Kim Min-jae does not seem to have any intention of leaving Naples. He seems to be satisfied with his current life.” will be needed,” he said.

Kim Min-jae, who wore the Napoli uniform last summer, is performing brilliantly, breaking everyone’s expectations. In fact, he started as a starter from the opening game, and has played 25 official games so far. He tied up his opponents with his solid physicality, fast speed, and stable defense. He also showed his advantage from set pieces and is scoring two goals.

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