A ‘204.4cm rookie’ who showed potential… The command tower also praised ‘Pick it up’

“I can’t go on without giving compliments. I think it was a day where I showed a lot of things.”

Seo Dong-cheol (55), coach of professional basketball Suwon KT, directly named Lee Doo-won (23, 204.4 cm). It was at a press conference right after the 90-76 win against Goyang Carrot at Suwon KT Arena on the 27th. Director Seo did not answer the question related to Lee Doo-won, but first mentioned Lee Doo-won by name and praised him.

Lee Doo-won recorded 8 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists in 11 minutes and 14 seconds. It was not far behind Ha Yoon-ki, who scored 22 points, and Yang Hong-seok (16 points, 12 rebounds) and Jarrod Jones (18 points, 13 rebounds), who recorded double-doubles side by side. It was even more meaningful to praise ‘Pick it up’. 안전놀이터

Director Seo’s praise for Lee Doo-won was because he sufficiently showed his strengths that day. Lee Doo-won was replaced by Ha Yoon-ki with 5 minutes and 14 seconds left at the end of the second quarter, and stepped on the court for the first time that day. After that, he opened the door with an accurate middle shot from the side, and at the end of the quarter, he succeeded in scoring successively with a tip-in and a frontal middle shot.

In addition, in the 4th quarter, he was put in as a substitute instead of Lester Prosper and showed a ‘double post’ with Ha Yoon-ki. Afterwards, he assisted Jones with a sharp pass from under the goal, followed by a frontal middle shot and another assist with a sensible pass. Although he did not play for a long time, he showed his full potential from height and strength to precise middle shots, rebounds and assists.

This day’s performance was a valuable achievement for the team as well as the coach in that it opened up the possibility of a ‘double post’ or stamina arrangement for Ha Yoon-ki in the future. Director Seo said, “It wasn’t a long time, but I felt like I showed my strength, ‘I’m good at this kind of thing,’ so it gave me a lot of strength.” It’s the same at the level, and he showed great performance to the point that I thought I should use him more in the future. He did very well,” he praised.

The teammates who played together applauded Lee Doo-won. Yang Hong-seok said, “He did a lot better than I thought. He put in a good 2-point shot, and he has a very good pass sense.” He seemed to be smiling. Ha Yoon-ki also said, “It’s so tall and strong. I don’t feel uncomfortable when I block mercenaries. I breathe well even when attacking.”

Lee Doo-won, who graduated from Korea University, was selected as the ‘big man’s biggest word’ at the time of this season’s rookie draft, and was nominated by KT as the second overall pick. After making his pro debut on the 20th of last month against Jeonju KCC, he played 10 games. In the Carrot match, he set a personal record for points and assists in a single game.

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