“Debs shortage, both starters and bullpen question marks”… Why would they say the Dodgers are not the strongest team when they spent 1.5 trillion won

Everyone is cheering for the creation of the super team. However, others are also watching the darkness behind it. Even with an astronomical investment of 1.16 billion dollars and nearly 1.5 trillion won (approx. 1.16 billion dollars), the team has yet to be evaluated as the best.

The U.S. media outlet “CBS Sports” heard the opinions of its writers on the 29th (Korea Standard Time) on whether the Dodgers, which spent more than $1 billion, is currently the strongest team. In general, he acknowledged that he had built the best power, but he still had questions about whether he would show the results as the strongest team.월카지노

Dodgers was at the center of offseason when it signed Shohei Ohtani to a 10-year, 700 million-dollar mega contract. Notably, Ohtani made headlines when he proposed a 10-year, 20-million-dollar payment grace contract for fear that his contract would block the team’s financial flow. It was Ohtani’s offer to win the championship. It was the cornerstone for building the best team.

After Ohtani let him breathe, he brought in Tyler Glasnow in a trade and signed a five-year, 136.5 million-dollar extension. He also secured Yoshinobu Yamamoto, the best pitcher in Japan who won four gold medals, a Sawamura Award and a league MVP for three consecutive years in the Japanese professional baseball league, with a 12-year, $325 million contract, the highest ever among pitchers. He invested $1.161.5 billion to build the best “in theory” starters.

However, he pointed out that the Dodgers’ lineup is incomplete. Matt Snyder said, “You might think the Dodgers are the best team. But I think it’s also interesting how much confusion happened in the process of Glasnow’s contract extension and contracts with Ohtani and Yamamoto,” adding, “The Dodgers still have heavy players, but if there are a few injured players, it will reveal the lack of depth in the team.”

“Otani, Mookie Betts, and Freddie Freeman are the top three hitters of all generations, but they are seeing James Outman, Chris Taylor, Jason Heyward and Gavin Lux in the lower ranks,” he said, pointing out the structure of the lower ranks. “The starting lineup is also a question mark. Yamamoto is a 30-year-old pitcher who has never thrown in the Major League and Glasnow has never thrown more than 120 innings in a season. Buehler returned from Tommy John surgery, while Bobby Miller pitched only 125 innings as a rookie last year. There are also many questions about the bullpen.”

Rep. R.J. Anderson also said, “When asked if they are the best, my answer is no,” adding, “The Dodgers is in a mystery. There are many questions that the Dodgers can’t consistently answer about its performance. There are questions about whether Glasnow will find a way to throw more than 150 innings and how Yamamoto will handle the innings as he moves to the Major League.”

“Until the maximum results are released in October, the team will be ranked second or third in the regular season. That may be the intention of the team’s front office,” he said. “The success or failure of this team will be determined not by how many games they won in the regular season but by how many games they won in the playoffs to lift another World Series trophy.”

Mike Axisa also explained, “The batting line is of course heavy. It’s Betts, Freeman, and Ohtani. The bottom lineup also showed explosive power. They already have an impactful starting lineup. It adds depth.”

However, the Dodgers said it was not the team that built the strongest roster. Most of the writing staff judged that the Atlanta Braves were better than the Dodgers. “We are leaning toward Atlanta as the strongest team because we like Atlanta’s overall player base more, especially its offensive part,” Axisa said. “Atlanta’s bullpen is better. Atlanta is also in a more difficult zone. Their record will drop further. I don’t mean to take a light look at the Dodgers, but I think Atlanta’s player base is better. Both teams are the best and there will be only one or two games gap between them,” he said.

Reporter Matt Snyder also said, “The Dodgers will be called the best team, but I don’t think other teams like Atlanta and the Houston Astros are that far behind.”

Even after spending unprecedentedly astronomical money, the Dodgers are not called the strongest team.

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