‘Comedian’ Hyungbin Yoon, before returning to martial arts after 9 years… On the 21st, ‘Physical 100’ Hyeong-geun Park and ‘Yakuza’ Jae-hoon Kim and Expedition to Japan

 Road FC fighters, including ‘comedian’ Yoon Hyeong-bin, are on an expedition to Japan.

On the 21st, Yoon Hyung-bin will face Japan’s Ban Nakamura on the Japanese martial arts YouTube program Breaking Down. It is Yoon Hyung-bin’s return to martial arts after about 9 years since participating in the 2014 Road FC competition.

This match will be played against Japan and Korea. Yoon Hyeong-bin, who has experience in Road FC, will have a martial arts match with Ban Nakamura. Park Hyung-geun, a hard-working fighter who participated in ‘Physical 100’, will face Jolie, and ‘Former Yakuza’ Kim Jae-hoon will face Nocon Terada.

Ahead of the confrontation, Yoon Hyung-bin held a ceremony with Park Hyung-geun, Kim Jae-hoon, and Road FC chairman Jung Moon-hong.

Yoon Hyung-bin said, “I think I will just beat (the opponent). However, (Japanese) players have experience by playing a few breaking down matches. I think we can win if we are careful with that.”

Breaking Down is gaining popularity in Japan, with a cumulative number of views of 30 million. The confrontation between Korea and Japan also became a hot topic in Japan as a physical fight broke out when the players first met. In particular, Kim Jae-hoon was hit twice by the water sprayed by the opponent, so the physical fight spread greatly.안전놀이터

Kim Jae-hoon said, “There is no threatening opponent (in Japan). I think Korea will win by landslide. (At Road FC) I want to try it once with actor Geum Gwang-san. Gwangsan kept provoking his older brother to stick with boxing rules.”

Also, with this confrontation as an opportunity, there is a story of a confrontation between Road FC and Japan’s largest martial arts organization Raijin FF. It was because Mikuru Asakura, who is producing Breaking Down under Raijin FF, took an interest in it.

Regarding this, Park Hyung-geun said, “When Mikuru Asakura was a member of Road FC, there were several contacts with me. He said on his YouTube that Korean players are too strong, and that he would like to have a Road FC match at the end of the year with Raijin FF and Breaking Down members mixed together. (With Asakura Mikuru) I also have a reason to compete.”

Road FC fighters, including Yoon Hyung-bin, will be able to watch the Japan away game on the Breaking Down YouTube channel on the 21st. / 10bird@osen.co.kr

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