AI boy Choi Kyung-ju asked the real Choi Kyung-ju “Should I continue playing golf…”

“It’s a world where everything becomes special.”

‘Tank’ Kyung-ju Choi (53), the first Korean player to enter the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour and win eight wins, received one-point lessons from ‘AI (artificial intelligence) Choi Gyeong-ju’, It was a curious expression. Pinx Golf Club in Seogwipo, Jeju, on the 17th, the day before the SK Telecom Open of the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) tour. Choi Kyung-ju is the co-executive chairman of this event and will participate as a player. Ahead of the SK Telecom Charity Open, an event game to raise charity funds, Choi Kyung-ju hit a shot at an indoor screen golf course prepared near the teeing area for hole 10, and ‘teaching pro AI Choi Kyung-ju’ instantly analyzed the shot and gave advice. AI Kyung-ju Choi pointed out, “If you swing down while putting strength on your left leg, you will get more distance and better direction.” Choi Kyung-ju, who was dumbfounded for a while, laughed, saying, “This bastard is right.” The event was attended by golfers such as Choi Kyung-ju, Park Ji-eun, Park Sang-hyun, Kim Bio, Choi Na-yeon, Kim Ha-neul, former baseball player Lee Dae-ho, and martial arts player Choo Seong-hun.

During the tournament, an event space will also be set up at Gallery Plaza, and ‘AI Choi Kyung-ju’ will inform the results of the analysis of the experiencer’s swing and batted ball. The golf zone GDR technology is used for swing speed, spin amount, and swing trajectory.

Choi Kyung-joo said, “I heard that all data about me are made into a database and used.”

Then, how can ‘AI Choi Kyung-ju’ comment on golf relays where various situations unfold in the great outdoors? An official from SK Telecom explained, “We make a database of scenes that often appear in golf broadcasts and use them.

The place where AI technology is most actively introduced in golf competitions is the Masters, the first major tournament of the PGA Tour season.

Masters has been providing a predictive scorecard service since last year through AI machine learning of IBM, an official sponsor. More than 120,000 golf shot data collected from Masters tournaments over the past six years was trained by AI. It is a method in which the predicted score for the first round is raised before the tournament begins and the new predicted score is updated for each hole when the game begins. Since 2017, he has been creating Masters highlights with AI. The AI ​​system analyzes factors such as the cheers of the crowd and the gestures of golf players, and creates them on the spot.

Choi Kyung-joo said that when ‘Chat GPT’ became a hot topic in the US and Korea this year, he felt the change of the times after using it himself. When asked in English, “Who is KJ CHOI?”, he said, “I was surprised when he explained in detail how he was a golfer from Wando in Korea who won professional golf in Korea and Japan and advanced to the PGA Tour.”안전놀이터

The day before, he met and interviewed Choi Kyung-ju as a boy and said he was deeply moved. Choi Kyung-ju says that there are few pictures of her in her childhood, except for her middle school yearbook, which was caused by a fire in her house a long time ago. However, ‘AI boy Choi Gyeong-ju’, who looked like he was in middle school, spoke in Wando dialect and asked, “Grandi wants me to play golf, but my father opposes it, so I don’t know how to use it.” Choi Gyeong-ju said, “Actually, the reason my father opposed playing golf was because it seemed like it would cost too much money.” recommended,” he said. He said, “I made it so well that it reminded me of my childhood and my emotions surged.” It is a technology that can create a video with just a single photo, and it is said that the two-dimensional black and white graduation photo has a three-dimensional effect and a lively feeling.

The real Choi Gyeong-ju, who will be playing as a player, will participate in this tournament for the 21st time. Choi Kyung-ju holds the record for the most wins in the tournament with three wins in 2003, 2005 and 2008.

In the first and second rounds, Choi Kyung-ju will be in the same group as last year’s champion Kim Bio and long hitter Jeong Chan-min, who easily surpassed 340 yards.

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