“Challenge towards a high goal”… Song Young-jin, who grew up Ha Yoon-gi, takes the KT baton

 The KT Sonicboom professional basketball team announced on the 14th that it has appointed Song Young-jin, the current head coach, as its new head coach.

New head coach Song Young-jin graduated from Masan High School and Chung-Ang University, joined the team with the first overall pick in the 2001 draft, played for KTF and KT for 10 seasons from 2005, and retired.

As a player, he played an active role as the best big man in Korea and led the team to the regular league championship in the 2010-11 season. As a KT franchise player, he demonstrated strong leadership as a captain along with outstanding skills.메이저사이트

After his retirement, he served as the head coach at KT for three years, and after coaching at Yonsei University and Whimungo, he returned to the team in 2022 as head coach.

Suwon KT reviewed various coaching candidates, including former and current professional team coaches and coaches, in various aspects, such as basic competency and core competency analysis, to appoint a coach.

As a result, the focus was placed on appointing a leader who can strengthen the club’s competitiveness by creating a young and strong team, maximizing the ability of the current KT players and reorganizing the team in a short period of time to find managerial resources with the ability to challenge the top spot. Tried.

The KT team said, “Coach Young-Jin Song has excellent communication skills with players, support staff, and the club to the extent that all players acknowledge it, so we expect that he will maximize the potential of the team. The ability is excellent,” he said, revealing the background of the seniority.

He continued, “With a brilliant career as a leader, experiencing all of professional, college, and high school, and being prepared to accurately grasp the strengths and weaknesses of current KT players, we can raise the team to the top in the short term and create a ‘leap for a prestigious team’ in the mid- to long-term. He is the right person to achieve that goal.”

Coach Song Young-jin said, “I am grateful to the club for recognizing me and entrusting me with the team, and I am happy and feel a great sense of responsibility to coach a team where most of my players have spent and retired, and I am currently in charge of coaching.” I will prepare well and challenge myself to a higher goal so that I can meet the expectations of the club and fans.”

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