Agent Lee Kang-in’s ‘extreme opposites’… After going to Man City, this time, the ‘promoted team’

 Agent Lee Kang-in’s trip to England is currently in progress.

This time, we arrived at Burnley, who achieved promotion next season. Javier Garrido, who serves as Lee Kang-in’s agent in Europe, posted another photo on his SNS on the 14th.

This is a picture taken of the Burnley club, which was re-promoted after a year of relegation to the second division, with players united under coach Vincent Kompany.안전놀이터

The scene taken by Garrido was a board containing the names of players who served as national team members for Burnley, their respective countries, and the number of appearances. It’s as if he’s saying that the players he cares about can make a name for themselves when they go to Burnley.

It is truly a British tour.

Garrido shared a photo of his visit to Old Trafford, Manchester United Stadium, a 40-minute drive south of Burnley the day before, drawing attention from many football fans. 

In particular, it seemed to indicate that the 2022/23 European Football Federation (UEFA) Europa League quarterfinal first leg match between Man Utd and Sevilla was taken from the bottom, closest to the ground, sitting in a more special place.

In addition, before visiting Old Trafford, Garrido posted photos of his visits to Manchester City’s offices and Aston Villa’s stadium on social media. In addition, Hwang Hee-chan’s team, Wolverhampton, was also included in Garrido’s photo album.

Reporter Matteo Moreto, who is in charge of Lee Kang-in’s team Mallorca at Spanish media Relevo, also commented on his post, saying, “Lee Kang-in and Abde Ezalzuli’s agent Garrido is in England,” and “he can proceed with transfer negotiations within a few days.” He did not hide the possibility that his visit to England was due to the transfer-related work of the players in charge.

Among the players Garrido has as an agent, Lee Kang-in is most likely to transfer to the Premier League this summer.

Lee Kang-in, who has grown into a representative playmaker in La Liga this season, has already been engulfed in rumors of love calls with Premier League clubs such as Newcastle, Aston Villa and Brighton since last winter.

It remains to be seen whether Garrido’s tour of the UK, from winning team Manchester City to promoted team Burnley, is really related to Lee Kang-in, or whether it is an empty display of self.

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