Both men and women were ‘completely defeated’ in the Korea-Japan match… Korean handball in crisis

Our men’s handball team lost to Japan, destroying its dream of advancing to the finals of the Paris Olympics. This is the second complete defeat between Korea and Japan since the women’s national team lost the final at the last Asian Games in Hangzhou.

This is Lee Da-som, a reporter from Qatar.

Korea and Japan face off in Doha, Qatar. The meaning of the Korea-Japan War is also quite solemn for Korean residents.

Kim Dong-yoon / Qatar resident
“Even if we don’t win, we must win against Japan. Korea and Japan must win. Fighting.”

The excitement reached its peak with a tight battle at the beginning of the game, but Korea’s successive mistakes led to a sharp decline in the game.

The defense was hollow, and the accuracy of the attack was greatly reduced.

23-34. It was their first loss in 7 years since 2016, and it was a complete defeat by 11 points that put their overwhelming opponent record to shame.

The Korean men’s team, which failed to win a medal for the first time in 17 years at the last Asian Games in Hangzhou, is assessed to have lost significant international competitiveness, as it was even defeated by Japan, which it considered to be one step below.카지노사이트

Freitas / National handball team coach
“It seems that the problem has been revealed as the shooting accuracy has decreased significantly.”

We also fell behind in speed and stamina, which were our weapons. 

Kim Jin-young / National Handball Team
“I’m not very physically fit, but I can’t keep up with the flow of the game because I’m losing speed and stamina…”

Korea, which was thwarted from advancing to the Olympics, will play the 3rd and 4th place match against Qatar on the 28th. Finally, we conclude this competition.

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