AVG 0.500 is crazy… He hit better than batting king Son A-seop, the third baseman who constantly attacks dinosaurs without stopping

7 hits in 14 at-bats with a batting average of 0.500.

This is the record that NC Dinos third baseman Seo Ho-cheol (27) played in a total of 4 games: the wild card game against the Doosan Bears and the semi-playoff game against the SSG Landers. He has 7 hits in 14 at-bats (1 home run), 9 RBIs, 2 runs, 2 walks, and 3 strikeouts. Who could call a player like this a beginner in fall baseball?

Surprisingly, this is my first postseason. Nevertheless, it is the same as the regular season. The characteristic of hitting as close to the home plate as possible from the batter’s box still remains. An advanced strategy that puts pressure on the pitcher to pitch to the inside and forces him to pitch to the outside.

He says he has “no fear of the ball at all,” even though he has hit two headshots this season. Even though he broke his nose at the end of the regular season, he played, saying it was no big deal. Although NC’s destination this year is unknown, the future of third baseman can be said with certainty. Now it’s Seo Ho-cheol’s era.

As the batting champion of the Futures League, Seo Ho-cheol has a good sense of hitting. This season, in 118 games, 114 hits in 397 at-bats, batting average of 0.287, 5 home runs, 41 RBI, 50 runs, 4 stolen bases, OPS of 0.714, and batting average of 0.294. In his first full-time season with the first team, he performed so well that NC fans forgot Park Seok-min’s presence.

In the end, in the postseason, he hits better than regular season batting king Son Ah-seop. Son Ah-seop had 6 hits in 18 at-bats and a batting average of 0.333, not even hitting a home run. If we only limit this postseason, Seo Ho-cheol is one step ahead. Who would think of a full-time first-year infielder?

Currently, the national team’s numbers 1 to 3 are Son Ah-seop, Park Min-woo, and Park Geon-woo, and number 4, guarded by Jason Martin, is certain. NC often gets stuck in the lower batting lineup when the game is not going well, and the role of Seo Ho-cheol, who is placed in numbers 6 and 7, is very important. The wild card game and semi-playoff game were good.

Now it’s the playoffs against KT Wiz. NC batters will rest for four days until the 29th after finishing the semi-playoffs. One of the main points to watch is whether the NC batting line will show good batting ability after a gap of four days. Even without this variable, KT’s mound height is different from Doosan and SSG. In particular, the starting lineup is the best in the league.메이저놀이터

If Seo Ho-cheol sticks to his own style and does his part even in this situation, NC will be receiving a large gift regardless of the outcome of this fall baseball season. With the appointment of manager Kang In-kwon, the two infield positions were clearly replaced with young blood (shortstop Kim Joo-won and third baseman Seo Ho-cheol).

The third baseman hitting NC toward his body is unusual. They reject challenges from other competitors with their whole body. 

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