Bayern Munich’s new super duo is born… De Lit cheered after blocking Kim Min-jae’s shot → ‘It was like a goal celebration’

The chemistry between Kim Min-jae and De Lidt, whose forced march is inevitable due to Bayern Munich’s center back combination, is attracting attention.

Bayern Munich won 3-1 against Mainz in the 8th round of the 2023-24 Bundesliga season held in Mainz, Germany on the 22nd (Korean time). With today’s victory, Bayern Munich continued its undefeated streak in the Bundesliga this season, recording 6 wins and 2 draws (20 points) and continuing the competition for the league lead.

Bayern Munich took responsibility for the defense with center backs Kim Min-jae and De Lid playing full-time together. This is the second time this season that Bayern Munich’s Kim Min-jae and De Lidt started together, after the game against Bochum held last month. De Lidt had difficulty getting a starting opportunity early this season due to injuries and falling behind in position competition, but he was given a starting opportunity with the injury of center back Upamecano.

German media outlet Sport highlighted Kim Min-jae and De Lidt’s performance against Mainz and commented, ‘Bayern Munich’s new super duo has been born.’

The media reported, ‘In the 31st minute of the second half of Bayern Munich’s game against Mainz, Kim Min-jae and De Ligt suddenly hugged each other warmly and smiled brightly. Kim Min-jae blocked Azork’s shot, nullifying Mainz’s chance to score, and De Ligt was very happy and hugged Kim Min-jae. “Both celebrated as if they had scored a goal,” he said. “Kim Min-jae and De Lidt started as a center back duo for the second time this season and performed strongly. “Mainz created a scoring opportunity, but Kim Min-jae and De Lid prevented a worse situation from occurring,” he said.

In the 31st minute of the second half of the second half, Barkok, who broke through the left flank of Mainz, crossed low to the goal, and Kim Min-jae, who was competing for the ball with Mainz striker Azork in front of the goal, cleared the ball, blocking Azork’s chance to shoot. Afterwards, De Lit approached Kim Min-jae and hugged him with a bright smile, and the two players seemed happy together.

Sport said: ‘Upamecano’s injury will give Kim Min-jae and De Lid plenty of time to get more used to each other in the next few games. If De Lidt nullifies the opponent’s scoring opportunity in the next game, Kim Min-jae may hug De Lidt. He also mentioned, “The chemistry between Kim Min-jae and De Lit definitely looks good.”

Bayern Munich’s Upamecano is unlikely to play until next month due to injury. Bayern Munich must play seven Bundesliga games and UEFA Champions League games at intervals of 3-4 days until the international break next month. Regarding the possibility of the center back combination of Kim Min-jae and De Lidt playing in the game against Galatasaray, Bayern Munich coach Tuchel said, “We have to do that. We have no choice.”토스카지노

After the game against Mainz, De Lid said about playing as a center back duo with Kim Min-jae, “We played well. I think Kim Min-jae and I have a lot of qualities that work well together. The more we play, the better we will get.” reported.

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