Ji Dong-won, who burst into Seoul after ‘2 years and 2 months’, looks to the future, not the past!

Ji Dong-won (32, FC Seoul)’s progress is still ‘in progress’.

In the midst of the team’s crisis, Ji Dong-won made an important move. He scored the winning goal in the 34th round home game of ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023’ against Gangwon FC held at Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 22nd, leading Seoul to a 2-1 victory. With this, Seoul achieved its first win in the final round and maintained 7th place (13 wins, 11 draws, 10 losses, 50 points).

Seoul’s performance on this day was consistently frustrating. Seoul, which lost 0-2 in the 33rd round against Jeonbuk Hyundai in the last game of the regular round and fell to Final B (7th to 12th), brought out an unconventional lineup with Willian and Han Seung-gyu at the forefront to face Gangwon. However, contrary to acting coach Kim Jin-gyu’s plan to target the opponent’s rear space, Seoul’s attack was dull. They barely took the lead thanks to Na Sang-ho’s free kick, but they gave up an equalizer to Gabriel, and the game continued to be unstable until the middle of the second half.

However, Ji Dong-won came forward to solve the problem. In the 35th minute of the second half, Park Soo-il’s header hit the Gangwon goalpost, and he calmly finished with a header. With Ji Dong-won’s winning goal, Seoul was able to appease the angry hearts of the fans a little.

It is also a special goal for Ji Dong-won. He, who tasted a goal for the first time in two years and two months since the Gwangju FC game in August 2021, said, “I had a lot of expectations, but I had a difficult time (for two years). “I think it will be an important goal in my life.”

I had great expectations. He moved to Sunderland (England) in 2011 at the age of 20 and entered the European stage, gaining experience by playing at Augsburg, Dortmund, Darmstadt, and Mainz (Germany). He received great expectations as he moved to Seoul after ending his loan spell at Braunschweig (Germany) in 2021.

However, he was always suffering from minor injuries and was behind in competition for the starting position, so he only scored 1 goal and 1 assist in 12 games in the 2021 season. Last year, he only appeared in 3 games and had no offensive points. It seemed like I was slowly becoming a forgotten entity.

But Ji Dong-won tries to fight until the end. And after silently grinding and polishing, the team signaled a rebound with a valuable goal. After scoring against Gangwon, he was overcome with emotion and put his hands together, saying, “It was a celebration for myself for not giving up. I don’t know how much longer I will play in the future, but I want to do better. “I hope this goal is not the last,” he said emphatically.짱구카지노

To Ji Dong-won, the past is no longer important. I just want to play more games and score more goals.

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