‘5 candidates’ to replace the core of ‘7 years and 295 games’… The top priority is also ‘132.2 billion’ MF

Five candidates to replace Granit Xaka were revealed.

Zaka, who has been active at Arsenal for about 7 years, is likely to leave after this season. With only one year remaining on his contract, the atmosphere is leaning toward a transfer rather than a renewal contract. European football transfer market expert Fabricio Romano said on his SNS on the 19th (Korean time), “The only team that is negotiating with Xaka is Bayer Leverkusen. The deal is making very, very progress. Arsenal and Leverkusen’s negotiations are in the final stage It is in. The transfer fee is 15 million euros (approximately 21.5 billion won).”

Xhaka is an indispensable player at Arsenal. He was criticized by fans for his somewhat ups and downs, but he took a leap as a ‘core’ in Mikel Arteta’s managerial system. Since last season, coach Arteta has been assigned an offensive role by using Mezzala rather than Zakhar’s third line, and this season, due to the joining of Oleksandr Zinchenko, he was able to play the football he wanted in a more free situation. Arsenal were able to record good results in the league thanks to Xhaka’s performance.

As much as such Zaka is missing, Arsenal must replace his vacancy with a solid resource. In response, British media ‘Team Talk’ revealed five candidates to replace Zaka. Amadou Onana (Everton), Martin Subimendi (Real Sociedad), Yuri Thielemans (Leicester City) and Moises Caicedo (Brighton) came out in turn.

However, the most likely candidate was different. The main character is Declan Rice of West Ham United. Rice, who is the captain and core of West Ham, is likely to leave at the end of this season. With his contract expiring only one year away, he wants to go higher to realize his ambitions, and West Ham are also unwilling to block his departure if the money is right.안전놀이터

Arsenal are active. They plan to invest a huge amount of money to recruit Rice. The British media ‘Football Transfers’ said, “Arsenal has expressed its intention to pay 80 million pounds (about 132.2 billion won) to recruit Rice.”

We also had more productive conversations. ‘Football Transfers’ said, “Last week, Arsenal and West Ham discussed the details of Rice’s transfer fee and how it will be paid.” As Chelsea is also showing interest in signing Rice, it seems that Arsenal’s advantage in the recruitment competition will be determined depending on what stance it takes.

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