157km+KKKKKKKKK…’Korea’s Garrett Call’, Shim Junseok makes a strong debut

Pittsburgh Pirates’ Jun-seok Shim, 19, made a strong start to his major league career. He made a strong impression in his no-hitter debut.

Jun-Seok Shim started the game against the Baltimore Orioles of the Flourida Complex League (FCL) at the FireEye City Complex in Bradenton, Florida, USA, on July 11 and pitched a perfect game, striking out eight in four innings. He didn’t leave a single runner on base in the four innings, making his minor league debut a success.

Shim made his debut with the same imposing build and long hair as Gerrit Cole, whom he cites as a role model. And he showed off his powerful pitches. He struck out the side in the first inning. He struck out Alfredo Velasquez, Leandro Arias, and Ryan Higgins in succession. It was the KKK show.

In the second, he struck out Kevin Guerrero and got Breylin Tavera to fly out to center field. Aneudis Modan struck out again to end the inning.

In the third, Teudis Cotoreal struck out swinging, Kenny Baez grounded out to short, and Carlos Vicioso grounded out to first.

In the fourth, the top of the order returned, and he got Alfredo Velasquez to fly out to center, Leandro Arias to strike out swinging, and Ryan Higgins to fly out to right again to end the inning.

The Duksugo native’s hard-hitting fastball, which can reach up to 160 mph, made him the first overall pick in last year’s 2023 First-Year Player Draft, but he chose to move on to a bigger stage, signing with the Pittsburgh Pirates. According to Pirates Prospects, he signed for $750,000. Initially, it was predicted that he would receive a contract of around $1 million, but when the lid was lifted, it was less than expected.

However, Shim was determined to take control of his own destiny. He excelled in prospect camp and eventually made his debut before the end of the first half.안전놀이터

According to Fireball Prospects, “His first impression in camp generated a lot of buzz within the organization. He could throw up to 101 mph and was considered the top pitching prospect in the organization’s deep system.” “He continued to look good, throwing four innings and striking out eight. His fastball sat between 94 mph and 97 mph. The results speak for themselves,” he said of Shim’s debut.

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