100 million won → 300 million won in annual salary, LG Treasure 3rd baseman said, “Golden Glove? … If I had halved my mistakes this year.”

LG Twins’ Moon Bo-kyung has set a goal of reducing errors this season. Moon Bo-kyung recorded 20 errors last year, playing full time only as a third baseman.헤라카지노주소

Moon Bo-kyung, who is training at the spring camp in Scottsdale, Arizona, said she gained about 3 kilograms during the off-season when she said she looked a little puffy. When Kim reportedly lost 7 kilograms before the camp, she said with a smile, “When I come to the camp, I lose weight. I always did that.”

Moon Bo-kyung said, “It was probably the best year of my life as well. LG won the Korean Series in 29 years and also won the Asian Games as a member of the national team. In fact, I thought it would be nice to be selected as a member of the national team, but I didn’t have high expectations when the season started. There was a lot of internal competition within the team, and I didn’t have high expectations.”

His individual record was .300 for the second consecutive year, and his team won the championship, raising his salary vertically. “I loved it. It was a little bit more than I thought. It was even better because the first digit of the game changed from one to three,” Moon said. “I thought that I would follow as much as I do, and I thought that if I do better in the future, I will get more money.”

It is the second highest-paid player after pitcher Jung Woo-young (320 million won) who joined the club in 2019. It is second only to Hanwha’s Noh Si-hwan (350 million won), who won the home run king last year among batters from other teams.

Moon didn’t have a sense of rivalry with Noh. “I don’t think it’s meaningful who’s No. 1,” he said of comparing his salary with Noh. “I just need to do well.”

Moon Bo-kyung, who joined LG in the third round (25th overall) of the second draft in 2019, came to the first division later than his peers. When he joined the team, he underwent elbow surgery and spent most of his first year rehabilitating.

He recorded a batting average of .300 while playing in the Futures League in 2020, and made his debut in the first division in May of the 2021 season. He was registered as an official player in May and called up for the first division after a batting average of .464 until the end of April.

Moon Bo-kyung played in 126 games as the main third baseman and backup first baseman in 2022, recording a batting average of 315. Last year, he played as a built-in third baseman without a “first baseman sideline” and played with a batting average of 311 with 10 homers, 72 RBIs and 77 runs in 131 games.

Moon Bo-kyung’s annual salary was raised to 68 million won in 2022, 170 million won in 2023, and 300 million won in 2024. He played three seasons in the first division and became a high-paid player of 300 million won.

He had a batting average of .300 for two consecutive years. “I thought I didn’t pay much attention to batting average, but now that I see the record on the electronic display, I was a little concerned after I confirmed my victory in the regular season last year,” Moon said. “I wanted to raise my batting average by one more hit and an RBI.”

When asked about his goals for this year, he replied similar to his goals from last year’s camp. “My goal is to win the title. I don’t have any personal goals. My goal is to play full time without getting injured. I have no greed for record-breaking goals,” he said. “I hope I can improve more than last year. In terms of record, what is helpful for the team, even if I am not the main character, is to contribute to the team even if I am a supporting actor.”

Moon Bo-kyung was second for the second consecutive year in the third baseman category of the Golden Glove. In 2022, SSG Choi Jung won the third baseman Golden Glove, while Moon Bo-kyung received 29 votes to rank second, beating Heo Kyung-min and Hwang Jae-gyun. Last year, home run king Noh Si-hwan won the Golden Glove, and Moon Bo-kyung won 22 votes, ranking second ahead of SSG Choi Jung (16 votes) and Doosan Huh Kyung-min (8 votes).

He said, “The number of votes was higher than I thought. I didn’t think about the second place, but I think I came in the second place two years ago,” and quipped, “Is it because my number is number two?” When asked to change his number to number one, Moon Bo-kyung said with a smile, “[No. 1] is because Chan-gyu hyung is wearing it. And I like number two.”

When asked about his desire for Golden Glove, he replied, “If you do well, maybe someday you will follow me. I think it’s right to look forward to it after you do well. If you think about it from now on, the prize is coming out after the season is over, but I don’t think you should look that far already, and you need to think about how to prepare for this camp right away.”

Moon then mentioned his mistake. “From the first day of the camp, I have been training with the mindset that defense starts all over again. When training, I am changing my throwing form and posture by doing various things. This is because I made a lot of throwing errors last year. I want to reduce it to half this year,” Moon said. “I can’t help but make mistakes, but I hope I don’t make the same mistakes again. I hope I don’t make mistakes again.”

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