Even if Park Jung-hwan and Gutzhao fell out!

It has been proven why Wonik is a powerful team. He proved himself why Wonik is being mentioned as a strong candidate every time.토토사이트

In the third round of the 2023-2024 KB Kookmin Bank Go League held at Go TV Studio on the evening of the 3rd, Wonik beat beautiful Hapcheon 3-2 after a close ace match.

Wonik is a team that has Park Jung-hwan, 9 dan, and Gu Zhao, 9 dan, representing the Korean-Chinese Go community. Therefore, the two players’ presence alone has been cited as the top candidates for the championship from early on.

In the regular order, Lee Ji-hyun, 9 dan, left, also lost last season, breaking four consecutive losses suffered by Han Woo-jin, 9 dan. This is the 100th victory among all Korean players this season.

However, neither driver was on the list for this match. Chinese mercenary Gu Zhihao, 9 dan, who is subject to various restrictions to participate in every round, was also excluded from the order.

Park Jung-hwan, 9 dan, who plays in both leagues in Korea and China, flew to give strength to his team in the Chinese A-group league, which is in a more urgent position. As a result, Shenzhen Longhua, where Park Jung-hwan 9 dan added a point in the final round of the regular season held during the same day, decided the first place by one point.

Lee Ji-hyun, 9 dan, who won “two wins a night” by crossing the Janggo board and the fast board.

Lee Ji-hyun, a second-ranked player, filled the vacancy of the “super aces” with two wins overnight. Lee Ji-hyun, a ninth-ranked player, defeated Han Woo-jin, a second-ranked player, in the regular order, and Won Seong-jin, a first-ranked player, in the ace decider. She overcame disadvantages in both rounds.

It is the first time that Lee Ji-hyun, a 9-dan player, has had two wins per night since the ace game was introduced. On the other hand, Won Seong-jin, a 9-dan player, suffered two losses per night for the second time this season.

Kim Jin-hwi, 6, dan (right), the fourth-place finisher, pushed Won Seong-jin, the ninth-place finisher, to finish the game. Four wins and one loss in this season, and three wins and one loss in the opponent team’s game.

Wonik, who has displayed robust performance with Kim Jin-hwi, a sixth-tier player, has overwhelmingly led the team with six consecutive wins in the opening. Six consecutive wins is the new record for the team that surpassed five consecutive wins last season (he was able to overcome his nightmare of losing seven consecutive games after five consecutive wins last season).

After starting a three-game winning streak, beautiful Hapcheon has slowed down significantly due to three consecutive losses. Interestingly, three beautiful Hapcheon members (Park Jung-hwan, Park Young-hoon, and Kim Jin-hwi) are Wonik’s main players this season, including a joint victory in the 2021-2022 season.

In the regular season, eight teams will play a double league to determine the four teams that will advance to the postseason, the heart of Mahan, Yeongam, and Korea Zinc in Ulsan will face off in four games in the sixth round on Tuesday. For individual matches, Xu Hao-hong and Moon Min-jong (0:0), Seol Hyun-joon and Shin Min-jun (1:7), Anseong-Han Sang-jo (2:1), and Choi Chul-han and Lee Chang-seok (1:2, inside parentheses, match against each other).

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